Antonyms for a prioriˌeɪ praɪˈɔr aɪ, -ˈoʊr aɪ, ˌeɪ priˈɔr i, -ˈoʊr i, ˌɑ priˈɔr i, -ˈoʊr i

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. a priori(adj)

    involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect; not supported by fact

    empirical, a posteriori, empiric

    a priori

  2. a priori(adverb)

    based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

    empiric, a posteriori, empirical

    a priori

  3. a priori(adverb)

    derived by logic, without observed facts

    empiric, empirical, a posteriori

    a priori


  1. a priori(adjective)

    a posteriori

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. a priori

    Intuitive truths are those which are in the mind independently of all experience, not being derived from experience nor limited by it, as that the whole is greater than a part, or that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to one another. All intuitive truths or beliefs are transcendental. But transcendental is a wider term than intuitive, including all within the limits of thought that is not derived from experience, as the ideas of space and time. "Being is transcendental.... As being can not be included under any genus, but transcends them all, so the properties or affections of being have also been called transcendental." Krauth-Fleming "Vocabulary of Philosophy." p. 530. "Transcendent he [Kant] employed to denote what is wholly beyond experience, being neither given as an a posteriori nor a priori element of cognition — what therefore transcends every category of thought." Krauth-Fleming "Vocabulary of Philosophy." p. 531. Transcendental has been applied in the language of the Emersonian school to the soul's supposed intuitive knowledge of things divine and human, so far as they are capable of being known to man. Compare MYSTERIOUS.

    intuitive, original, primordial, transcendent, transcendental


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