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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Godhead, Lord, Creator, Maker, Divine, God Almighty, Almighty, Jehovah(noun)

    terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

    subhuman, earthly, inglorious, profane, secular

    manufacturing business, overlord, master, cleric, nobleman, manufacturer, shaper, churchman, ecclesiastic, noble

  2. cleric, churchman, divine, ecclesiastic(adj)

    a clergyman or other person in religious orders

    earthly, inglorious, subhuman, profane, secular

    divine, churchman, ecclesiastic, cleric

  3. divine, godly(adj)

    emanating from God

    profane, subhuman, secular, earthly, inglorious

    providential, godlike, reverent, divine, worshipful, elysian, inspired, godly

  4. providential, divine(adj)

    resulting from divine providence

    earthly, subhuman, secular, inglorious, profane

    providential, godlike, miraculous, divine, elysian, inspired, godly, heaven-sent

  5. divine, godlike(adj)

    being or having the nature of a god

    inglorious, earthly, secular, profane, subhuman

    inspired, divine, godlike, providential, elysian, godly

  6. divine(adj)

    devoted to or in the service or worship of a deity

    earthly, secular, profane, subhuman, inglorious

    inspired, godlike, providential, elysian, godly

  7. divine, godlike(adj)

    appropriate to or befitting a god

    subhuman, earthly, profane, secular, inglorious

    inspired, divine, godlike, providential, elysian, godly

  8. divine, elysian, inspired(verb)

    being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods

    inglorious, subhuman, earthly, profane, secular

    inspired, divine, godlike, providential, elysian, godly

  9. divine(verb)

    perceive intuitively or through some inexplicable perceptive powers

    secular, profane, earthly, subhuman, inglorious

  10. divine(verb)

    search by divining, as if with a rod

    earthly, secular, subhuman, inglorious, profane

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. divine

    "Persons or things augur; persons only forebode or presage; things only betoken or portend." Crabb English Synonymes. We augur well for a voyage from past good fortune and a good start; we presage success from the stanchness of the ship and the skill of the captain. We forebode misfortune either from circumstances that betoken failure, or from gloomy fancies for which we could not give a reason. Dissipation among the officers and mutiny among the crew portend disaster. Divine has reference to the ancient soothsayers' arts (as in Gen. xliv, 5, 15), and refers rather to reading hearts than to reading the future. We say I could not divine his motive, or his intention.

    assure, calculate, demonstrate, determine, establish, insure, make sure, prove, settle, warrant

    augur, betoken, bode, forebode, foretell, portend, predict, presage, prognosticate, prophesy

    I augur from all circumstances a prosperous result; I augur ill of the enterprise; "augurs ill to the rights of the people," Thomas Jefferson Writings vol. ii, p. 506. [Taylor, Walton & Maberley '53.] I augur well, or this augurs well, for your cause.


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