Antonyms for foreverfɔrˈɛv ər, fər-

Princeton's WordNet

  1. everlastingly, eternally, forever, evermore(adverb)

    for a limitless time

    eternally, constantly, always, forever and a day, forever, everlastingly, evermore, forevermore, incessantly, perpetually

  2. forever, forever and a day(adverb)

    for a very long or seemingly endless time

    eternally, constantly, always, forever and a day, forever, everlastingly, evermore, incessantly, perpetually

  3. constantly, always, forever, perpetually, incessantly(adverb)

    without interruption

    everlastingly, forever and a day, eternally, constantly, forever, perpetually, ever, e'er, incessantly, unendingly, ceaselessly, evermore, invariably, unceasingly, endlessly, continuously, always


  1. forever(noun)

    eternally, forevermore, until Kingdom come, always, incessantly, for good, continually, evermore, for ever more

  2. forever(noun)

    for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time.

    continually, until Kingdom come, for ever more, eternally, incessantly, forevermore, evermore, always, for good

  3. forever(adverb)

    for a very long time, 'an' eternity.

    always, evermore, forevermore, incessantly, for ever more, continually, for good, until Kingdom come, eternally

  4. forever(adverb)

    for an excessively long time.

    for ever more, until Kingdom come, evermore, forevermore, incessantly, always, eternally, for good, continually

  5. forever(adverb)

    at all times, anytime, always

    evermore, until Kingdom come, for good, forevermore, incessantly, for ever more, always, continually, eternally

  6. forever(adverb)

    constantly or frequently.

    until Kingdom come, eternally, always, forevermore, incessantly, continually, evermore, for ever more, for good


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