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Princeton's WordNet

  1. shelter(noun)

    a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger

    tax shelter, protection

  2. shelter(noun)

    protective covering that provides protection from the weather

    tax shelter, protection

  3. protection, shelter(noun)

    the condition of being protected

    protective covering, aegis, security, tribute, trade protection, protection, tax shelter, shelter, protective cover, auspices

  4. tax shelter, shelter(noun)

    a way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings

    shelter, protection, tax shelter

  5. shelter(verb)

    temporary housing for homeless or displaced persons

    tax shelter, protection

  6. shelter(verb)

    provide shelter for

  7. shelter(verb)

    invest (money) so that it is not taxable

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. shelter

    Anything is covered over which something is completely extended; a vessel is covered with a lid; the head is covered with a hat. That which covers may also defend or protect; thus, troops interposed between some portion of their own army and the enemy are often called a covering party. To shelter is to cover so as to protect from injury or annoyance; as, the roof shelters from the storm; woods shelter from the heat. To defend (Latin defendere, to strike away) implies the actual, protect (Latin protegere, to cover before) implies the possible use of force or resisting power; guard implies sustained vigilance with readiness for conflict; we defend a person or thing against actual attack; we guard or protect against possible assault or injury. A powerful person may protect one who is weak by simply declaring himself his friend; he defends him by some form of active championship. An inanimate object may protect, as a garment from cold; defend is used but rarely, and by somewhat violent metaphor, in such connection. Protect is more complete than guard or defend; an object may be faithfully guarded or bravely defended in vain, but that which is protected is secure. To shield is to interpose something over or before that which is assailed, so as to save from harm, and has a comparatively passive sense; one may guard another by standing armed at his side, defend him by fighting for him, or shield him from a missile or a blow by interposing his own person. Harbor is generally used in an unfavorable sense; confederates or sympathizers harbor a criminal; a person harbors evil thoughts or designs. See CHERISH. Compare synonyms for HIDE; DEFENSE.

    betray, cast out, expel, expose, give up, refuse, reject, surrender

    cover, defend, guard, harbor, protect, screen, shield, ward

    Shelter under a roof from the storm; in the fortress, behind or within the walls, from attack.


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