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Princeton's WordNet

  1. systematic(adj)

    characterized by order and planning

    "the investigation was very systematic"; "a systematic administrator"


    taxonomic, taxonomical

  2. taxonomic, taxonomical, systematic(adj)

    of or relating to taxonomy

    "taxonomic relations"; "a taxonomic designation"


    taxonomic, taxonomical, systematic


  1. systematic(adjective)

    haphazard, unsystematic, chaotic

  2. systematic(adjective)

    Carried out using a planned, ordered procedure

    chaotic, unsystematic, haphazard

  3. systematic(adjective)

    Methodical, regular and orderly

    chaotic, haphazard, unsystematic

  4. systematic(adjective)

    Of, or relating to taxonomic classification

    unsystematic, chaotic, haphazard

  5. systematic(adjective)

    Of, relating to, or being a system

    chaotic, haphazard, unsystematic

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. systematic

    Dogmatic is technically applied in a good sense to that which is formally enunciated by adequate authority; doctrinal to that which is stated in the form of doctrine to be taught or defended. Dogmatic theology, called also "dogmatics," gives definite propositions, which it holds to be delivered by authority; systematic theology considers the same propositions in their logical connection and order as parts of a system; a doctrinal statement is less absolute in its claims than a dogmatic treatise, and may be more partial than the term systematic would imply. Outside of theology, dogmatic has generally an offensive sense; a dogmatic statement is one for which the author does not trouble himself to give a reason, either because of the strength of his convictions, or because of his contempt for those whom he addresses; thus dogmatic is, in common use, allied with arrogant and kindred words.

    arrogant, authoritative, dictatorial, doctrinal, dogmatic, domineering, imperious, magisterial, opinionated, overbearing, positive, self-opinionated


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