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Entry: telosSynonym: purpose
Entry: social mediaSynonym: social networking website
Entry: turboSynonym: airplane
Entry: thermophileSynonym: bacteria
Entry: thermophileSynonym: algae
Entry: alleleSynonym: form
Entry: gun-shySynonym: hesitant
Entry: internet churchSynonym: cyberchurch
Entry: nitwitSynonym: fool
Entry: scared synonymSynonym: terrified
Entry: supervisorySynonym: managerial
Entry: treatmentSynonym: therapy
Entry: nonstopSynonym: never-ending
Entry: homologateSynonym: approve
Entry: circumfluentSynonym: surrounding
Entry: deludedSynonym: misleading
Entry: abioticSynonym: non-living
Entry: coddlingSynonym: spoil
Entry: coddlingSynonym: baby
Entry: pandemoniumSynonym: chaotic
Entry: moroseSynonym: depressed
Entry: cyberbullySynonym: online harassment
Entry: empty calorieSynonym: junk food
Entry: purposeSynonym: mission
Entry: bottom lineSynonym: conclusion
Entry: lower the boomSynonym: bring down the hammer
Entry: gallopSynonym: canter
Entry: excellentSynonym: great
Entry: weak-willedSynonym: spineless
Entry: scratchlessSynonym: unscathed
Entry: heresySynonym: apostasy
Entry: headrightSynonym: grant; legal document
Entry: edutainmentSynonym: educational entertainment
Entry: keep me updatedSynonym: keep me posted
Entry: farming cooperativesSynonym: agriculture
Entry: nostomaniaSynonym: homesickness
Entry: habitatSynonym: territory
Entry: mindsetSynonym: perspective
Entry: photophilicSynonym: light loving
Entry: successSynonym: achievement
Entry: gambolledSynonym: frolicked
Entry: worriedSynonym: concerned
Entry: ostiumSynonym: pore
Entry: oweSynonym: debt
Entry: floccinaucinihilipilificationSynonym: worthless
Entry: floccinaucinihilipilificationSynonym: unimportant
Entry: unbathedSynonym: unwashed
Entry: bokeSynonym: vomit
Entry: ferrous sulphateSynonym: green vitriol
Entry: villanSynonym: thief
Entry: animal-likeSynonym: primal
Entry: whoaSynonym: slow down!
Entry: earth's crustSynonym: earth's surface
Entry: norSynonym: neither
Entry: faneSynonym: temple
Entry: faneSynonym: shrine
Entry: gutterSynonym: white space
Entry: specialsSynonym: deals
Entry: innovateSynonym: invent
Entry: different as chalk and cheeseSynonym: different as oil and vinegar
Entry: melicSynonym: lyric
Entry: pantheonSynonym: highest level
Entry: inexpensiveSynonym: affordable
Entry: hairSynonym: locks
Entry: wetworkSynonym: wet job
Entry: teleoperationSynonym: remote control
Entry: wanderlustSynonym: fernweh
Entry: osttentatiousSynonym: vulgar
Entry: soft skillSynonym: communication skill
Entry: coin-purseSynonym: change purse
Entry: anagnorisisSynonym: discovery
Entry: acupunctureSynonym: pricking
Entry: action planSynonym: strategy
Entry: greeterSynonym: liaison
Entry: nadirSynonym: bottom
Entry: pendulumSynonym: timekeeper
Entry: whoopee cushionSynonym: farting cushion
Entry: attempSynonym: try
Entry: preallocateSynonym: earmarked
Entry: foosballSynonym: table soccer
Entry: eyesSynonym: looking portal
Entry: hideousSynonym: ugly
Entry: eating habitsSynonym: consumptions
Entry: environmentSynonym: atmosphere
Entry: after-dinnerSynonym: postprandial
Entry: truthSynonym: no lies
Entry: inciteSynonym: goad
Entry: ultimatumSynonym: final warning
Entry: turbulentSynonym: commotion
Entry: annualSynonym: once a year
Entry: sowedSynonym: harvested
Entry: chemical compositionSynonym: chemical compound
Entry: plaqueSynonym: bacteria
Entry: fight to the deathSynonym: fight for your right
Entry: fight to the deathSynonym: fight for your right
Entry: competionSynonym: tournament
Entry: stand in the waySynonym: block
Entry: dietary fiberSynonym: ruffage
Entry: ingenuitiveSynonym: creative
Entry: scorchySynonym: hot
Entry: scorchySynonym: boiling.
Entry: egalitarianismSynonym: just
Entry: steampunkSynonym: victorian futurism
Entry: vividitySynonym: lucid
Entry: eukaryotic cellSynonym: animal cell
Entry: joSynonym: sweetheart
Entry: breastsSynonym: dugs
Entry: showedSynonym: demonstrated
Entry: talismanSynonym: mascot
Entry: exergySynonym: irreversibility
Entry: infenalSynonym: hellish
Entry: surveilanceSynonym: supervision
Entry: drum majorSynonym: field commander
Entry: lathered upSynonym: sudsy
Entry: lathered upSynonym: foamy
Entry: aroseSynonym: stood
Entry: hawtySynonym: bae
Entry: ants in your pantsSynonym: itchy feet
Entry: avastSynonym: stop
Entry: avastSynonym: cease
Entry: dirty clothesSynonym: soiled clothes
Entry: fritinancySynonym: stridulation
Entry: cause and effectSynonym: domino effect
Entry: fanwankSynonym: spackle
Entry: energylessSynonym: lethargic
Entry: destockSynonym: deaccession
Entry: vinedresserSynonym: vine-trainer
Entry: cohesionSynonym: unity
Entry: yandereSynonym: obsessive
Entry: untuneSynonym: detune
Entry: abjureSynonym: withdraw
Entry: eutrophicationSynonym: algal bloom
Entry: bad-assnessSynonym: coolness
Entry: instateSynonym: establish
Entry: trainspotterSynonym: anorak
Entry: nonpartisanSynonym: neutral
Entry: retestSynonym: recheck
Entry: slightly damagedSynonym: imperfect
Entry: vectorizeSynonym: digitize
Entry: energy drinkSynonym: power drink
Entry: 007Synonym: james bond
Entry: hadSynonym: held
Entry: second glanceSynonym: verify
Entry: rapid combustionSynonym: high speed combution
Entry: kryptoniteSynonym: ultimate weakness
Entry: not regretfulSynonym: impenitent
Entry: eccedentesiastSynonym: fake smile
Entry: the bulk ofSynonym: most
Entry: componentSynonym: fixture
Entry: sales pipelineSynonym: sales funnel
Entry: breathtakingSynonym: spectacular
Entry: picturesSynonym: visual
Entry: nonstandardSynonym: atypical
Entry: baisemainSynonym: kissing on hands
Entry: flower crownSynonym: wreath
Entry: demotionSynonym: loose rank
Entry: just in caseSynonym: for good measure
Entry: hospitalitySynonym: comfortable and accomodating disposition
Entry: persnicketySynonym: detailed
Entry: storabilitySynonym: durability
Entry: rules of engagementSynonym: terms of reference
Entry: teleportationSynonym: translocation
Entry: dominatorSynonym: ruler
Entry: wanedSynonym: decline
Entry: committedlySynonym: sincerely
Entry: helicopter parentSynonym: overly protective
Entry: committedlySynonym: devotedly
Entry: dickbagSynonym: recalcitrant
Entry: eachSynonym: per
Entry: amazedSynonym: surprised
Entry: lumpashousSynonym: stupid
Entry: braaiSynonym: barbecue
Entry: jeansSynonym: denim
Entry: bellowedSynonym: shouted
Entry: bellowedSynonym: hollowed
Entry: bellowedSynonym: hollared
Entry: stentorianSynonym: vociferous; loud-of-voice; a stentor
Entry: woesSynonym: blues
Entry: hand-schuller-christian diseaseSynonym: langerhan's cell histiocytosis (lch)
Entry: hand-schuller-christian diseaseSynonym: abt-letterer-siwe disease
Entry: hand-schuller-christian diseaseSynonym: eosinophilic granuloma
Entry: serenitySynonym: wine
Entry: identity theftSynonym: usurp
Entry: decrementationSynonym: subtraction
Entry: to borrowSynonym: to nag
Entry: brokenSynonym: shattered
Entry: circumlocutionsSynonym: rambling
Entry: circumlocutionsSynonym: verbosity
Entry: circumlocutionsSynonym: prolixity
Entry: diplomaticallySynonym: tactfully
Entry: cevicheSynonym: ceviche
Entry: put in chronological orderSynonym: chronicalize
Entry: suicidologySynonym: suicidologistics
Entry: veenaSynonym: vipanchi
Entry: windySynonym: stormy
Entry: bagarreSynonym: brawl
Entry: menteeSynonym: charge
Entry: menteeSynonym: assignee
Entry: menteeSynonym: colleague
Entry: menteeSynonym: pupil
Entry: menteeSynonym: student
Entry: menteeSynonym: protege
Entry: conversationSynonym: discussion
Entry: astroideSynonym: rock in space
Entry: talks alotSynonym: chatty
Entry: consoledSynonym: to be unhappy
Entry: tradableSynonym: merchandize
Entry: nanoparticleSynonym: fgs
Entry: prophesizeSynonym: predict

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