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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fun, merriment, playfulness(noun)

    activities that are enjoyable or amusing

    gaiety, play, merriment, playfulness, fun, sport

  2. fun, play, sport(noun)

    verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)

    manoeuvre, looseness, sportsman, fun, variation, summercater, period of play, shimmer, play, sportswoman, bid, mutant, maneuver, caper, romp, athletics, gaming, merriment, sport, frolic, mutation, playing period, free rein, child's play, gambling, swordplay, gambol, dramatic play, playfulness, turn, drama

  3. fun(noun)

    violent and excited activity

    play, merriment, playfulness, sport

  4. playfulness, fun(noun)

    a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement

    gaiety, play, merriment, playfulness, sport, fun


  1. fun(noun)

    enjoyable, amusing.

    diversion, laugh, amusement, enjoyment, pleasure

  2. fun(adjective)

    whimsical, flamboyant

    rough and tumble, horseplay, boisterousness

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. fun

    Entertainment and recreation imply thought and mental occupation, tho in an agreeable, refreshing way; they are therefore words of a high order. Entertainment, apart from its special senses of a public performance or a social party, and predominantly even there, is used of somewhat mirthful mental delight; recreation may, and usually does, combine the mental with the physical. Amusement and pastime are nearly equivalent, the latter probably the lighter word; many slight things may be pastimes which we should hardly dignify by the name of amusements. Sports are almost wholly on the physical plane, tho involving a certain grade of mental action; fox-hunting, horse-racing, and baseball are sports. Certain sports may afford entertainment or recreation to certain persons, according to their individual tastes; but entertainment and recreation are capable of a meaning so high as never to be approached by any meaning of sport. Cheer may be very quiet, as the cheer of a bright fire to an aged traveler; merriment is with liveliness and laughter; fun and frolic are apt to be boisterous. Amusement is a form of enjoyment, but enjoyment may be too keen to be called amusement. Compare synonyms for ENTERTAIN.

    amusement, cheer, delight, diversion, enjoyment, entertainment, frolic, merriment, pastime, pleasure, recreation, sport

    ennui, fatigue, labor, lassitude, toil, weariness, work

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. fun(n.)

    pleasantry, drollery, sport, merriment, frolic, gayety

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