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Princeton's WordNet

  1. following, next(adj)

    immediately following in time or order

    side by side(p), next, undermentioned, following, succeeding(a), following(a), future(a), adjacent

    outgoing, preceding(a), distant

  2. adjacent, next, side by side(p)(adj)

    nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space

    outgoing, preceding(a), distant

  3. future(a), next, succeeding(a)(adverb)

    (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving

    preceding(a), distant, outgoing

  4. next(adverb)

    at the time or occasion immediately following

    outgoing, preceding(a), distant


  1. next(noun)

    previously, previous

  2. next(adverb)

    On the side of; next to

    previously, previous

  3. next(adjective)

    Being closer to the present location than all other items.

    previously, previous

  4. next(adjective)

    Nearest following (of date, time, space or order).


  5. next(adjective)

    last, this

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. next

    Adjacent farms may not be connected; if adjoining, they meet at the boundary-line. Conterminous would imply that their dimensions were exactly equal on the side where they adjoin. Contiguous may be used for either adjacent or adjoining. Abutting refers rather to the end of one building or estate than to the neighborhood of another. Buildings may be adjacent or adjoining that are not attached. Near is a relative word, places being called near upon the railroad which would elsewhere be deemed remote. Neighboring always implies such proximity that the inhabitants may be neighbors. Next views some object as the nearest of several or many; next neighbor implies a neighborhood.

    abutting, adjacent, adjoining, attached, beside, bordering, close, conterminous, contiguous, coterminous, near, neighboring, nigh

    detached, disconnected, disjoined, distant, remote, separate

    The farm was adjacent to the village.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. next(a.)


Translations for NEXT

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • volgendeAfrikaans
  • تالٍ, التاليArabic
  • que ve, proper, següent, al costatCatalan, Valencian
  • příští, další, vedle, následujícíCzech
  • næsteDanish
  • nächster, nebenGerman
  • διπλανός, επόμενοςGreek
  • apuda, apude, venonta, proksime, proksima, poste, venontoEsperanto
  • próximo, pues, siguiente, próxima, al lado, despuésSpanish
  • järgmineEstonian
  • سپس, آینده, دیگر, پس از اینPersian
  • seuraava, vieressä, vierelläFinnish
  • à côté, suivant, prochain, puis, après, procheFrench
  • seo chugainnIrish
  • athScottish Gaelic
  • अगलाHindi
  • ezután, következő, mellé, legközelebbi, azután, aztán, szomszédos, legközelebb, mellettHungarian
  • proxime, sequenteInterlingua
  • nextaIdo
  • næsturIcelandic
  • seguente, vicino, prossima, presso, dopo, prossimo, poi, accanto, successivoItalian
  • 隣, 明くる, 次Japanese
  • 다음Korean
  • sequens, propior, subsequens, proximusLatin
  • panukuMāori
  • соседен, потоа, околен, следенMacedonian
  • volgend, naast, aanstaand, nabij, bij, dichtst, vlakbij, volgendeDutch
  • neste, følgende, attmed, nærmest, ved siden av, nestemann, som nesteNorwegian
  • dalej, następnyPolish
  • بل, ورپسېPashto, Pushto
  • próximo, seguinte, depois, perto, ao lado, a seguirPortuguese
  • următorRomanian
  • затем, грядущий, соседний, следующий, вблизи, по соседству, возле, около, потом, подле, после, рядом, ближайший, будущийRussian
  • sledeći, sljedeći, следећиSerbo-Croatian
  • ඊළඟSinhala, Sinhalese
  • naslednjiSlovene
  • nära, närmast, nästa, bredvidSwedish
  • kandoSwahili
  • หน้าThai
  • önümüzdeki, yakın, yanında, gelecek, ertesiTurkish
  • اگلاUrdu

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