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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rate(noun)

    a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit

    pace, charge per unit

  2. rate, charge per unit(noun)

    amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis

    pace, charge per unit, rate

  3. pace, rate(noun)

    the relative speed of progress or change

    gait, tread, rate, tempo, charge per unit, pace, stride, step, yard, footstep

  4. rate(verb)

    a quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure

    pace, charge per unit

  5. rate, rank, range, order, grade, place(verb)

    assign a rank or rating to

    roll, vagabond, dictate, score, rank, ramble, mark, set up, identify, localize, range, enjoin, run, target, stray, rove, tell, post, station, place, browse, point, come in, regulate, array, graze, say, govern, cast, straddle, arrange, send, pasture, lay, wander, regularize, position, ordinate, aim, ordain, regularise, direct, grade, lay out, swan, site, tramp, value, put, crop, invest, outrank, localise, consecrate, rate, commit, drift, pose, come out, set, prescribe, order, locate, roam, set out

  6. rate(verb)

    be worthy of or have a certain rating

    rank, value, place, order, range, grade

  7. rate, value(verb)

    estimate the value of

    value, appreciate, assess, grade, range, place, respect, appraise, esteem, prize, rank, rate, measure, treasure, evaluate, prise, order, valuate

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. rate

    Number is the generic term. To count is to number one by one. To calculate is to use more complicated processes, as multiplication, division, etc., more rapid but not less exact. Compute allows more of the element of probability, which is still more strongly expressed by estimate. We compute the slain in a great war from the number known to have fallen in certain great battles; compute refers to the present or the past, estimate more frequently to the future; as, to estimate the cost of a proposed building. To enumerate is to mention item by item; as, to enumerate one's grievances. To rate is to estimate by comparison, as if the object were one of a series. We count upon a desired future; we do not count upon the undesired. As applied to the present, we reckon or count a thing precious or worthless. Compare ESTEEM.

    account, calculate, cast, compute, consider, count, deem, enumerate, estimate, number, reckon, sum up

    It is vain to calculate on or upon an uncertain result.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. rate(n.)

    standard, fixed measure

  2. rate(n.)

    cost, price

  3. rate(n.)

    worth, value, valuation, estimation, rank

  4. rate(n.)

    proportion, ratio, degree

  5. rate(n.)

    tax, assessment, impost, charge, duty

  6. rate(v. a.)

    estimate, value, appraise, set a value on

  7. rate(v. a.)

    scold, chide, reprimand, berate

  8. rate(v. a.)

    ABUSE, vilify, defame

Translations for RATE

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • معدلArabic
  • poměr, sazbaCzech
  • RateGerman
  • impuesto, tasa, velocidadSpanish
  • proportsioonEstonian
  • نرخPersian
  • kuukausipalkka, yksikköhinta, hinta, suhde, vero, vauhti, tahti, luokka, aikapalkka, tuntipalkka, taksaFinnish
  • taux, coterFrench
  • ár, időköz, arány, díj, fokHungarian
  • tassoItalian
  • 割合, 比率, 生産速度, 年収, 日給, 級, 月給, 利率, 時給, 成長率Japanese
  • kadarMalay
  • tariefDutch
  • tall, hyppighet, prosentNorwegian
  • oceniać, cennik, stawka, taryfa, opłata, tempo, szybkość, ocenić, akord, cenaPolish
  • taxaPortuguese
  • ratăRomanian
  • процент, цена, отношение, тариф, скорость, коэффициент, темп, ставка, курс, пропорция, расценкаRussian

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