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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sentence(noun)

    a string of words satisfying the grammatical rules of a language

    condemnation, prison term, judgment of conviction, time, conviction

  2. conviction, judgment of conviction, condemnation, sentence(noun)

    (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed

    article of faith, conviction, strong belief, condemnation, sentence, time, prison term, judgment of conviction, curse, execration, disapprobation

  3. prison term, sentence, time(verb)

    the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned

    conviction, clip, condemnation, sentence, prison term, fourth dimension, judgment of conviction, metre, meter, time, clock time

  4. sentence, condemn, doom(verb)

    pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law

    condemn, fate, doom, sentence, excoriate, designate, reprobate, decry, destine, objurgate


  1. sentence(noun)

    conviction, verdict

  2. sentence(noun)

    To declare a sentence on a convicted person.

    verdict, conviction

  3. sentence(noun)

    Someone's pronounced opinion or judgment on a given question.

    verdict, conviction

  4. sentence(noun)

    The decision or judgement of a jury or court; a verdict.

    conviction, verdict

  5. sentence(noun)

    The judicial order for a punishment to be imposed on a person convicted of a crime.

    conviction, verdict

  6. sentence(noun)

    A saying, especially form a great person; a maxim, an apophthegm.

    verdict, conviction

  7. sentence(noun)

    A grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate, even if one or the other is implied, and typically beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.

    verdict, conviction

  8. sentence(noun)

    A formula with no free variables.

    verdict, conviction

  9. sentence(noun)

    Any of the set of strings that can be generated by a given formal grammar.

    conviction, verdict

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. sentence

    To condemn is to pass judicial sentence or render judgment or decision against. We may censure silently; we condemn ordinarily by open and formal utterance. Condemn is more final than blame or censure; a condemned criminal has had his trial; a condemned building can not stand; a condemned ship can not sail. A person is convicted when his guilt is made clearly manifest to others; in somewhat archaic use, a person is said to be convicted when guilt is brought clearly home to his own conscience (convict in this sense being allied with convince, which see under PERSUADE); in legal usage one is said to be convicted only by the verdict of a jury. In stating the penalty of an offense, the legal word sentence is now more common than condemn; as, he was sentenced to imprisonment; but it is good usage to say, he was condemned to imprisonment. To denounce is to make public or official declaration against, especially in a violent and threatening manner.

    From the pulpits in the northern States Burr was denounced as an assassin.

    Coffin Building the Nation ch. 10, p. 137. [Harper & Bros. '83.]

    To doom is to condemn solemnly and consign to evil or destruction or to predetermine to an evil destiny; an inferior race in presence of a superior is doomed to subjugation or extinction. Compare ARRAIGN; REPROVE.

    blame, censure, condemn, convict, denounce, doom, reprobate, reprove

    absolve, acquit, applaud, approve, exonerate, justify, pardon, pardon, praise

    The bandit was condemned to death for his crime.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. sentence(n.)

    decision, judgment, determination

  2. sentence(n.)

    (common Law.) condemnation, doom, judgment passed on a criminal

  3. sentence(n.)

    (Civil and Admiralty Law.) judicial decree

  4. sentence(n.)

    period, proposition

  5. sentence(v. a.)

    doom, condemn, pass judgment upon

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