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Synonyms for actuateˈæk tʃuˌeɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. trip, actuate, trigger, activate, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off(verb)

    put in motion or move to act

    "trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits"

    jaunt, trip out, start, incite, detonate, offset, get off, motivate, spark, trip up, propel, take off, explode, instigate, trigger off, move, part, trigger, trip, depart, set off, stumble, prompt, turn on, activate, spark off, touch off, blow up, bring out, travel, start out, sparkle, set forth, actuate, stir up, cancel, aerate, set out

  2. motivate, actuate, propel, move, prompt, incite(verb)

    give an incentive for action

    "This moved me to sacrifice my career"

    spark off, incite, remind, act, trip, motivate, spark, run, propel, impress, strike, impel, instigate, trigger off, move, displace, make a motion, trigger, inspire, prod, proceed, affect, be active, set off, go, prompt, activate, locomote, touch off, cue, travel, egg on, actuate, stir up

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. actuate

    To influence (Latin in, in or into, and fluo, flow) is to affect, modify, or act upon by physical, mental, or moral power, especially in some gentle, subtle, and gradual way; as, vegetation is influenced by light; every one is influenced to some extent by public opinion; influence is chiefly used of power acting from without, tho it may be used of motives regarded as forces acting upon the will. Actuate refers solely to mental or moral power impelling one from within. One may influence, but can not directly actuate another; but one may be actuated to cruelty by hatred which another's misrepresentation has aroused. Prompt and stir are words of mere suggestion toward some course of action; dispose, draw, incline, influence, and lead refer to the use of mild means to awaken in another a purpose or disposition to act. To excite is to arouse one from lethargy or indifference to action. Incite and instigate, to spur or goad one to action, differ in the fact that incite may be to good, while instigate is always to evil (compare ABET). To urge and impel signify to produce strong excitation toward some act. We are urged from without, impelled from within. Drive and compel imply irresistible influence accomplishing its object. One may be driven either by his own passions or by external force or urgency; one is compelled only by some external power; as, the owner was compelled by his misfortunes to sell his estate. Compare COMPEL; DRIVE.

    compel, dispose, draw, drive, excite, impel, incite, incline, induce, influence, instigate, lead, move, persuade, prompt, stir, sway, urge

    deter, discourage, dissuade, hinder, impede, inhibit, prevent, restrain, retard

    Actuated to crime by revenge.

Editors Contribution

  1. cause to operate

    anything that pushes someone or something forward

    her mother's motivational talk spurred her daughter to endure high school.

  2. motivate

    anything that pushes someone or something forward

    her mother's motivational talk spurred her daughter to endure high school.

  3. spur

    anything that pushes someone or something forward

    her mother's motivational talk spurred her daughter to endure high school.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. actuate(v. a.)

    induce, impel, move, prompt, instigate, persuade, incite, act upon, prevail upon, work upon

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Translations for actuate

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • задвижвам, възбуждам, подбуждам към действиеBulgarian
  • aktivovat, podněcovatCzech
  • ωθώGreek
  • rakendamaEstonian
  • kannustaa, motivoida, liikuttaa, innostaaFinnish
  • 作動Japanese
  • acuō, incendō, stimulō, āctuō, excitō, incitōLatin
  • aanzetten, aandrijvenDutch
  • pobudzać, uruchomićPolish
  • estimularPortuguese
  • [[приводи́ть]] [[в]] [[де́йствие]], [[побуди́ть]] [[к]] [[действие, [[привести́]] [[в]] [[де́йствие]], [[побужда́ть]] [[к]] [[действиеRussian

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