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Synonyms for butcherˈbʊtʃ ər

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. butcher, meatman(noun)

    a retailer of meat

    bungler, fumbler, botcher, meatman, sad sack, butcher, stumbler, blunderer, slaughterer, bumbler

  2. butcher(noun)

    a brutal indiscriminate murderer

    bungler, fumbler, botcher, meatman, sad sack, stumbler, blunderer, slaughterer, bumbler

  3. butcher, slaughterer(noun)

    a person who slaughters or dresses meat for market

    bungler, fumbler, botcher, meatman, sad sack, butcher, stumbler, blunderer, slaughterer, bumbler

  4. bungler, blunderer, fumbler, bumbler, stumbler, sad sack, botcher, butcher, fuckup(verb)

    someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

    bloomer, blunderer, botcher, bungle, butcher, flub, blooper, stumbler, tripper, pratfall, fumbler, foul-up, sad sack, meatman, boo-boo, blunder, bumbler, slaughterer, boner, botch, bungler

  5. butcher, slaughter(verb)

    kill (animals) usually for food consumption

    "They slaughtered their only goat to survive the winter"

    butcher, massacre, mow down, slaughter

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. butcher

    To kill is simply to deprive of life, human, animal, or vegetable, with no suggestion of how or why. Assassinate, execute, murder, apply only to the taking of human life; to murder is to kill with premeditation and malicious intent; to execute is to kill in fulfilment of a legal sentence; to assassinate is to kill by assault; this word is chiefly applied to the killing of public or eminent persons through alleged political motives, whether secretly or openly. To slay is to kill by a blow, or by a weapon. Butcher and slaughter apply primarily to the killing of cattle; massacre is applied primarily and almost exclusively to human beings, signifying to kill them indiscriminately in large numbers; to massacre is said when there is no chance of successful resistance; to butcher when the killing is especially brutal; soldiers mown down in a hopeless charge are said to be slaughtered when no brutality on the enemy's part is implied. To despatch is to kill swiftly and in general quietly, always with intention, with or without right.

    assassinate, despatch, execute, kill, massacre, murder, put to death, slaughter, slay

    To kill with or by sword, famine, pestilence, care, grief, etc.; killed for his money, by a robber, with a dagger.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. butcher(n.)

    slayer, killer, murderer, slaughterer, assassin, cut-throat

  2. butcher(v. a.)

    kill, MURDER, slay, slaughter, massacre, ASSASSINATE, despatch, put to death

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boucher, stopper, executioner

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