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Princeton's WordNet

  1. concentrated(adj)

    gathered together or made less diffuse

    saturated, hard

    sparse, divided, shared out, far-flung, shared, thin, parceled out, separated, spread, mild, divided up, diffused, unfocussed, diffuse, dispersed, low-density(a), rationed, dealt out, dilute, broken, encyclical, diluted, unfocused, meted out, straggly, dispensed, doled out, apportioned, spaced, distributed, widespread, splashed, scattered, fanned, spread-out(a)

  2. concentrated(adj)

    of or relating to a solution whose dilution has been reduced

    saturated, hard

    separated, far-flung, diffused, widespread, shared, broken, shared out, straggly, diffuse, meted out, mild, encyclical, sparse, dealt out, divided, spread, scattered, dispersed, diluted, unfocussed, spaced, thin, dispensed, divided up, fanned, low-density(a), rationed, apportioned, doled out, distributed, parceled out, unfocused, spread-out(a), dilute, splashed

  3. concentrated(adj)

    intensely focused

    saturated, hard

    dispensed, spread, scattered, spaced, mild, divided, shared out, fanned, parceled out, thin, unfocused, divided up, broken, dealt out, unfocussed, spread-out(a), diffuse, sparse, separated, dilute, meted out, shared, encyclical, doled out, dispersed, low-density(a), widespread, straggly, rationed, apportioned, distributed, diffused, far-flung, diluted, splashed

  4. hard, concentrated(adj)

    (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source

    severe, arduous, grueling, tough, toilsome, hard, heavy, voiceless, laborious, difficult, knockout, gruelling, intemperate, concentrated, punishing, unvoiced, operose, backbreaking, surd, strong, saturated

    parceled out, divided up, distributed, apportioned, shared out, splashed, dilute, diffused, fanned, unfocused, spread, diffuse, mild, separated, dispersed, doled out, encyclical, straggly, diluted, dispensed, rationed, thin, scattered, spaced, dealt out, spread-out(a), shared, far-flung, unfocussed, low-density(a), broken, meted out, divided, sparse, widespread

  5. saturated, concentrated(adj)

    being the most concentrated solution possible at a given temperature; unable to dissolve still more of a substance

    saturated, hard, pure, concentrated

    divided, scattered, spread, rationed, low-density(a), dispensed, separated, sparse, unfocused, thin, shared out, distributed, widespread, splashed, spaced, diluted, meted out, fanned, doled out, divided up, shared, apportioned, dealt out, straggly, encyclical, dispersed, far-flung, diffused, spread-out(a), mild, dilute, broken, diffuse, unfocussed, parceled out


  1. concentrated(adjective)


  2. concentrated(adjective)

    Not dilute; having a high concentration.


  3. concentrated(adjective)

    Intense; directed towards a specific location.


Translations for concentrated

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • силен, концентриранBulgarian
  • koncentrovanýCzech
  • konzentriertGerman
  • συμπυκνωμένος, σύντονος, έντονος, εντατικόςGreek
  • concentréFrench
  • ध्यान केंद्रित कियाHindi
  • kukūMāori
  • nediluat, concentratRomanian
  • концентрированныйRussian

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