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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dense, heavy, impenetrable(adj)

    permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter

    laboured, sullen, laborious, heavy, dull, overweight, toilsome, slow, intemperate, sound, dumb, wakeless, dense, grueling, with child(p), threatening, grave, profound, lowering, cloggy, heavy(a), large(p), clayey, enceinte, grievous, fleshy, weighed down, hard, weighty, impenetrable, gruelling, expectant, lumbering, ponderous, backbreaking, sonorous, great(p), arduous, operose, dim, heavy(p), big(a), labored, punishing, thick, gravid, big(p), obtuse, leaden

    penetrable, smart, light, thin

  2. dense, thick(adj)

    hard to pass through because of dense growth

    duncical, duncish, dull, dim, thickheaded, thick(p), loggerheaded, dense, impenetrable, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, dumb, deep, slow, blockheaded, heavy, compact, stocky, boneheaded, wooden-headed, heavyset, obtuse, buddy-buddy, fatheaded, thick, slurred

    thin, penetrable, smart, light

  3. dense(adj)

    having high relative density or specific gravity

    heavy, dull, obtuse, impenetrable, dim, thick, dumb, slow

    penetrable, light, smart, thin

  4. dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse, slow(adj)

    slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

    vague, ho-hum, muted, sluggish, subdued, deadening, faint, mute, slow, thudding, boring, dumb, dense, irksome, black, silent, wispy, heavy, dim, purblind, muffled, tedious, impenetrable, dull, dimmed, speechless, shadowy, tiresome, softened, bleak, thick, wearisome, obtuse, leaden

    thin, smart, light, penetrable


  1. dense(adjective)

    Having relatively high density.


  2. dense(adjective)

    Compact; crowded together.

    compact, crowded, packed

    diffuse, scattered, few and far between, sparse, rarefied

  3. dense(adjective)

    Thick; difficult to penetrate.

    solid, thick


  4. dense(adjective)

    Opaque; allowing little light to pass through.

    opaque, cloudy

    diaphanous, clear, transparent, see-through, translucent

  5. dense(adjective)

    Obscure, or difficult to understand.

    tough, difficult, obscure, hard, incomprehensible, abstruse

    easy, comprehensible, understandable, simple, straightforward, clear

  6. dense(adjective)

    Of a person, slow to comprehend; of low intelligence.

    thick, dumb, stupid, slow

    intelligent, quick-witted, bright, quick, smart, canny

  7. dense(adjective)


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. dense

    That is obscure which the eye or the mind can not clearly discern or see through, whether because of its own want of transparency, its depth or intricacy, or because of mere defect of light. That which is complicated is likely to be obscure, but that may be obscure which is not at all complicated and scarcely complex, as a muddy pool. In that which is abstruse (Latin abs, from, and trudo, push) as if removed from the usual course of thought or out of the way of apprehension or discovery, the thought is remote, hidden; in that which is obscure there may be nothing to hide; it is hard to see to the bottom of the profound, because of its depth, but the most shallow turbidness is obscure. Compare COMPLEX; DARK; DIFFICULT; MYSTERIOUS.

    See synonyms for CLEAR.

    abstruse, ambiguous, cloudy, complex, complicated, dark, darksome, deep, difficult, dim, doubtful, dusky, enigmatical, hidden, incomprehensible, indistinct, intricate, involved, muddy, mysterious, obscure, profound, turbid, unintelligible

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. dense(a.)

    close, compact, condensed, compressed, thick

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