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Princeton's WordNetRate these synonyms:(0.00 / 0 votes)

  1. ghost, shade, spook, wraith, specter, spectre(noun)

    a mental representation of some haunting experience

    phantasma, phantom, wraith, shade, shadowiness, shadiness, touch, weirdo, weirdy, nuance, weirdie, specter, ghost, tincture, ghostwriter, tint, nicety, apparition, trace, phantasm, tad, spectre, spook, subtlety, tone, creep, fantasm, refinement

  2. ghostwriter, ghost(noun)

    a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else

    ghostwriter, trace, touch, shade, specter, ghost, spook, wraith, spectre

  3. ghost(noun)

    the visible disembodied soul of a dead person

    ghostwriter, trace, touch, shade, specter, spook, wraith, spectre

  4. touch, trace, ghost(verb)

    a suggestion of some quality

    ghostwriter, jot, wraith, cutaneous senses, shade, touch sensation, tactual sensation, touch modality, touching, specter, shadow, signature, sense of touch, skin senses, tincture, soupcon, touch, speck, hint, trace, feeling, pinch, vestige, spectre, spook, mite, tinge, ghost, tracing, spot, tactile sensation, contact, suggestion

  5. ghost(verb)

    move like a ghost

    ghostwrite, obsess, haunt

  6. haunt, obsess, ghost(verb)

    haunt like a ghost; pursue

    frequent, ghostwrite, stalk, ghost, obsess, haunt

  7. ghost, ghostwrite(verb)

    write for someone else

    ghostwrite, ghost, obsess, haunt

WiktionaryRate these synonyms:(0.00 / 0 votes)

  1. ghost(noun)

    An understudy.

    suggestion, hint, ghostwriter, phantom, apparition, haint, spectre, spark, glimmer, spirit, glimmering, spook, revenant, specter, glimpse, inkling, soul, wraith

  2. ghost(noun)

    A covert (and deniable) agent.

    glimmering, glimpse, spirit, spectre, spook, glimmer, spark, haint, soul, wraith, revenant, suggestion, phantom, apparition, hint, inkling, ghostwriter, specter

  3. ghost(noun)


  4. ghost(noun)

    To haunt.

    specter, spirit, spark, glimpse, spook, suggestion, phantom, apparition, ghostwriter, revenant, haint, soul, inkling, glimmering, wraith, spectre, glimmer, hint

  5. ghost(noun)

    To ghostwrite.

    specter, ghostwriter, spectre, revenant, spook, suggestion, glimmer, apparition, soul, hint, glimpse, glimmering, inkling, haint, spark, phantom, wraith, spirit

  6. ghost(noun)

    to copy a file or hard drive image.

    specter, inkling, spook, spectre, soul, glimmering, revenant, apparition, wraith, hint, glimmer, haint, spirit, ghostwriter, spark, suggestion, phantom, glimpse

  7. ghost(noun)

    A false image formed in a telescope, camera, or other optical device by reflection from the surfaces of one or more lenses.

    glimmering, wraith, haint, ghostwriter, spook, revenant, spectre, phantom, apparition, specter, spirit, hint, glimmer, spark, inkling, glimpse, suggestion, soul

  8. ghost(noun)

    An unwanted image similar to and overlapping or adjacent to the main one on a television screen, caused by the transmitted image being received both directly and via reflection.

    apparition, wraith, spook, soul, glimmering, spark, inkling, specter, ghostwriter, revenant, suggestion, haint, glimpse, spirit, spectre, glimmer, hint, phantom

  9. ghost(noun)

    A ghostwriter.

    spectre, revenant, suggestion, spook, soul, spark, haint, ghostwriter, glimmer, phantom, glimpse, hint, specter, wraith, spirit, inkling, glimmering, apparition

  10. ghost(noun)

    A nature spirit, ancestor or house spirit (see brownie ) revered in Heathenry.

    glimmer, wraith, suggestion, spirit, spectre, specter, hint, spook, revenant, glimpse, haint, apparition, soul, phantom, glimmering, ghostwriter, inkling, spark

  11. ghost(noun)

    An unresponsive user on IRC, resulting from the user's client disconnecting without notifying the server.

    soul, revenant, spirit, inkling, apparition, haint, ghostwriter, wraith, hint, glimmer, spook, glimmering, glimpse, specter, phantom, suggestion, spectre, spark

  12. ghost(noun)

    an image of a file or hard disk.

    specter, glimpse, spark, glimmer, soul, suggestion, spirit, revenant, phantom, glimmering, haint, wraith, ghostwriter, inkling, spook, spectre, hint, apparition

PPDB, the paraphrase databaseRate these synonyms:(0.00 / 0 votes)

List of paraphrases:

phantom, ghosts, spectre, baneling, ghostbusters, specter, spook, bogey, shadow, apparition, spirit

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MDRate these synonyms:(0.00 / 0 votes)

  1. ghost

    Haematology Erythrocyte ghost, ghost cell

Translations for ghost

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • روح, خيال, طيف, شبح, شَبَح, زولArabic
  • зданьBelarusian
  • genfærd, draug, sjæl, spøgelse, genganger, gespenst, åndDanish
  • Erscheinung, Schatten, Geist, Phantom, Spuk, GespenstGerman
  • φάντασμα, σκιάGreek
  • fantomoEsperanto
  • espíritu, aparecido, sombra, alma, fantasma, espectro, apariciónSpanish
  • haamu, aave, haamukuva, henki, sielu, kangastus, kummitusFinnish
  • andi, spøkilsi, dreygurFaroese
  • fantôme, revenant, spectre, esprit, apparition, fantasmeFrench
  • spoekWestern Frisian
  • taibhseIrish
  • scaanjoon, scaa, scaanManx
  • רוח רפאיםHebrew
  • ուրվական, հոգիArmenian
  • hantu, polong, roh, dedemitan, momokIndonesian
  • lemure, fantasma, spettro, apparizione, ombra, simulacro, fantasima, spirito, larva, animaItalian
  • 化け物, お化け, 怨霊, 魂魄, 妖魔, 変化, 物の怪, 死霊, 妖怪, 幽鬼, 精霊, 魂, 霊, ゴースト, 幽霊, 亡霊Japanese
  • ខ្មោចKhmer
  • hantuMalay
  • gespens, geest, spook, verschijning, schim, spooksel, fantoomDutch
  • chʼį́įdiiNavajo, Navaho
  • aventesma, avejão, simulacro, fantasma, sombra, alma, espírito, abantesma, abentesma, lêmure, larva, aparição, assombração, espectro, avantesmaPortuguese
  • spiert, spértRomansh
  • фанто́м, привиде́ние, при́зракRussian
  • fantazmë, lugat, gogolAlbanian
  • прима́ра, ма́рево, ма́ра, приви́д, фанто́мUkrainian

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