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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rise, lift, arise, move up, go up, come up, uprise(verb)

    move upward

    elevate, resurrect, rise up, burn down, hook, get hold, develop, stand up, uprise, arise, nobble, repeal, scrape, climb, bob up, snarf, lift, heighten, vacate, spring up, turn out, draw near, reverse, muster, go up, plagiarise, bring up, raise, revoke, pilfer, grow, cabbage, sneak, rise, abstract, approach, move up, filch, mount, go on, rally, come near, come up, climb up, pinch, bristle, wind, ascend, find, line up, swipe, surface, draw close, countermand, scrape up, prove, plagiarize, muster up, jump, originate, rear, rustle, near, airlift, come on, summon, purloin, wax, scratch, face-lift, come, burn up, overturn, hoist, rebel, rescind, annul, get up

  2. rise, go up, climb(verb)

    increase in value or to a higher point

    rise, stand up, climb up, burn up, uprise, heighten, go up, rebel, surface, lift, arise, spring up, burn down, come up, grow, originate, resurrect, draw close, draw near, ascend, develop, climb, get up, prove, approach, move up, turn out, jump, rear, come on, come near, mount, rise up, wax, near

  3. approach, near, come on, go up, draw near, draw close, come near(verb)

    move towards

    rise, set about, cuddle, climb up, come along, draw close, get along, uprise, border on, progress, come on, go up, advance, surface, lift, snuggle, arise, burn down, come up, burn up, draw near, ascend, go on, climb, get on, approach, move up, nest, shape up, show up, turn up, go about, nuzzle, come near, mount, nestle, come out, near

  4. go up(verb)

    be erected, built, or constructed

    rise, come on, burn down, ascend, lift, come near, burn up, arise, go up, approach, come up, draw near, draw close, mount, climb up, move up, near, uprise, climb

  5. climb, climb up, mount, go up(verb)

    go upward with gradual or continuous progress

    get on, draw near, bestride, come on, ascend, lift, come near, climb on, draw close, wax, arise, put on, go up, approach, come up, mount up, mount, burn down, climb up, ride, rise, move up, near, uprise, jump on, burn up, hop on, climb, jump

  6. burn down, burn up, go up(verb)

    burn completely; be consumed or destroyed by fire

    rise, burn off, come on, burn up, ascend, lift, burn, draw close, arise, flare, go up, approach, come up, draw near, come near, burn down, flame up, mount, climb up, move up, near, uprise, blaze up, climb, fire

  7. ascend, go up(verb)

    travel up, "We ascended the mountain"

    rise, come on, burn down, ascend, lift, come near, burn up, arise, go up, approach, come up, draw near, draw close, mount, climb up, move up, near, uprise, climb


  1. go up(verb)

    to move upwards


  2. go up(verb)

    to rise or increase

    increase, rise

  3. go up(verb)

    to be consumed by fire

    burn up

  4. go up(verb)

    to forget lines or blocks during public performance

    foul up

Translations for go up

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • يصعد, صعدArabic
  • ansteigen, aufsteigen, hinaufgehen, steigen, hochgehenGerman
  • ανεβαίνωGreek
  • subirSpanish
  • بالا رفتنPersian
  • nousta, hävitä, kadota, käydä, vuorosanatFinnish
  • monter, s'éleverFrench
  • salireItalian
  • 昇る, 上がる, 登るJapanese
  • поднима́ться, повы́ситься, подня́ться, повыша́тьсяRussian

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