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Synonyms for goldenˈgoʊl dən

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. aureate, gilded, gilt, gold, golden(adj)

    having the deep slightly brownish color of gold

    princely, favorable, favourable, gilded, luxurious, meretricious, aureate, golden, fortunate, sumptuous, flamboyant, halcyon, florid, specious, prosperous, gold, grand, deluxe, lucky, gilt, opulent

    nonmetal, curst, cacophonous, cursed, cacophonic, neutral, unpropitious, unhappy, nonmetallic, achromatic

  2. golden, halcyon, prosperous(adj)

    marked by peace and prosperity

    flourishing, thriving, well-heeled, gilded, easy, aureate, favorable, fortunate, well-situated, well-to-do, halcyon, palmy, booming, well-off, favourable, prosperous, gold, comfortable, roaring, lucky, gilt, prospering, well-fixed, golden

    cursed, curst, nonmetal, achromatic, nonmetallic, cacophonous, cacophonic, unhappy, unpropitious, neutral

  3. gold, golden, gilded(adj)

    made from or covered with gold

    gilded, luxurious, meretricious, aureate, favorable, fortunate, sumptuous, princely, specious, favourable, prosperous, halcyon, grand, gold, deluxe, lucky, gilt, opulent, golden

    cacophonous, curst, neutral, cacophonic, achromatic, unpropitious, nonmetal, unhappy, cursed, nonmetallic

  4. fortunate, golden(adj)

    supremely favored

    gilded, rosy, lucky, prosperous, fortunate, aureate, golden, gold, gilt, halcyon, favourable, favorable

    cacophonic, cursed, unhappy, nonmetal, neutral, unpropitious, curst, achromatic, cacophonous, nonmetallic

  5. golden(adj)

    suggestive of gold

    gilded, lucky, fortunate, aureate, prosperous, halcyon, favorable, gilt, favourable, gold

    nonmetallic, neutral, nonmetal, cacophonic, cursed, unhappy, achromatic, curst, cacophonous, unpropitious

  6. golden, favorable, favourable, lucky, prosperous(adj)

    presaging or likely to bring good luck

    flourishing, thriving, well-heeled, well-disposed, gilded, easy, aureate, favorable, fortunate, friendly, well-situated, well-to-do, halcyon, palmy, booming, well-off, favourable, prosperous, gold, comfortable, roaring, lucky, gilt, prospering, well-fixed, golden

    cacophonous, cursed, unpropitious, achromatic, unhappy, cacophonic, curst, neutral, nonmetal, nonmetallic

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. golden(a.)

    of gold

  2. golden(a.)

    bright, shining, splendid, resplendent, brilliant

  3. golden(a.)

    yellow, of a gold color

  4. golden(a.)

    excellent, precious, of great value

  5. golden(a.)

    auspicious, favorable, opportune, propitious

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gold, doré, gouden, kim, walleye, dorado, gilded, pickerel

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