Synonyms for harmonizeˈhɑr məˌnaɪz

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. harmonize, harmonise, consort, accord, concord, fit in, agree(verb)

    go together

    assort, harmonize, grant, accord, consort, gibe, fit, fit in, hold, agree, check, affiliate, match, concord, run, tally, correspond, jibe, associate, reconcile, chord, allot, harmonise, concur

  2. harmonize, harmonise(verb)

    write a harmony for

    harmonise, fit in, agree, consort, reconcile, harmonize, concord, chord, accord

  3. harmonize, harmonise(verb)

    sing or play in harmony

    harmonise, fit in, agree, consort, reconcile, harmonize, concord, chord, accord

  4. harmonize, harmonise(verb)

    bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously

    harmonise, fit in, agree, consort, reconcile, harmonize, concord, chord, accord

  5. harmonize, harmonise, reconcile(verb)

    bring into consonance or accord

    harmonise, fit in, settle, agree, accommodate, consort, submit, resign, reconcile, make up, harmonize, concord, chord, patch up, accord, conciliate

  6. harmonize, harmonise, chord(verb)

    bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

    harmonise, fit in, agree, consort, reconcile, harmonize, concord, chord, accord

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. harmonize

    Agree is the most general term of this group, signifying to have like qualities, proportions, views, or inclinations, so as to be free from jar, conflict, or contradiction in a given relation. To concur is to agree in general; to coincide is to agree in every particular. Whether in application to persons or things, concur tends to expression in action more than coincide; we may either concur or coincide in an opinion, but concur in a decision; views coincide, causes concur. One accepts another's terms, complies with his wishes, admits his statement, approves his plan, conforms to his views of doctrine or duty, accedes or consents to his proposal. Accede expresses the more formal agreement, consent the more complete. To assent is an act of the understanding; to consent, of the will. We may concur or agree with others, either in opinion or decision. One may silently acquiesce in that which does not meet his views, but which he does not care to contest. He admits the charge brought, or the statement made, by another — admit always carrying a suggestion of reluctance. Assent is sometimes used for a mild form of consent, as if agreement in the opinion assured approval of the decision.

    accede, accept, accord, acquiesce, admit, agree, approve, assent, coincide, combine, comply, concur, consent

    contend, contradict, decline, demur, deny, differ, disagree, dispute, dissent, oppose, protest, refuse

    I agree in opinion with the speaker; to the terms proposed; persons agree on or upon a statement of principles, rules, etc.; we must agree among ourselves.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. harmonize(v. a.)

    make harmonious

  2. harmonize(v. a.)

    (Music.) set accompanying parts to

  3. harmonize(v. n.)

    accord, agree, correspond, chime, comport, tally, square, quadrate, cohere, be in unison, be harmonious

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