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Synonyms for indorseɪnˈdɔrs

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. back, endorse, indorse, plump for, plunk for, support(verb)

    be behind; approve of

    stake, digest, abide, tolerate, bear, support, plunk for, hold up, endure, back, stick out, second, fend for, patronise, back up, keep going, certify, corroborate, endorse, stomach, defend, confirm, bear out, stand, affirm, game, brook, indorse, subscribe, suffer, bet on, sustain, patronize, underpin, gage, substantiate, hold, plump for, patronage, put up, punt

  2. second, back, endorse, indorse(verb)

    give support or one's approval to

    indorse, support, gage, plunk for, second, back up, back, plump for, certify, stake, bet on, game, punt, endorse

  3. certify, endorse, indorse(verb)

    guarantee as meeting a certain standard

    indorse, back, demonstrate, license, evidence, plunk for, attest, licence, manifest, plump for, second, certify, support, endorse

  4. endorse, indorse(verb)

    sign as evidence of legal transfer

    indorse, support, plunk for, second, certify, back, plump for, endorse

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. indorse(v. a.)

    [Written also Endorse.] superscribe, write on the back of

  2. indorse(v. a.)

    sanction, approve, confirm, ratify, vouch for

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