cackle synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term cackle:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. cackle(noun)

    the sound made by a hen after laying an egg

    chatter, yack, yak, yakety-yak

  2. yak, yack, yakety-yak, chatter, cackle(noun)

    noisy talk

    chatter, cackle, yack, yak, yakety-yak, chattering

  3. cackle(verb)

    a loud laugh suggestive of a hen's cackle

    chatter, yack, yak, yakety-yak

  4. cackle(verb)

    talk or utter in a cackling manner

  5. cackle(verb)

    squawk shrilly and loudly, characteristic of hens

  6. cackle(verb)

    emit a loud, unpleasant kind of laughing

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. cackle

    Most of these words are onomatopoetic. The cackle of a hen, the gabble of a goose, the chatter of a magpie, the babble of a running stream, as applied to human speech, indicate a rapid succession of what are to the listener meaningless sounds. Blab and blurt (commonly blurt out) refer to the letting out of what the lips can no longer keep in; blab, of a secret; blurt out, of passionate feeling. To chat is to talk in an easy, pleasant way, not without sense, but without special purpose. Chatting is the practise of adults, prattling that of children. To prate is to talk idly, presumptuously, or foolishly, but not necessarily incoherently. To jabber is to utter a rapid succession of unintelligible sounds, generally more noisy than chattering. To gossip is to talk of petty personal matters, as for pastime or mischief. To twaddle is to talk feeble nonsense. To murmur is to utter suppressed or even inarticulate sounds, suggesting the notes of a dove, or the sound of a running stream, and is used figuratively of the half suppressed utterances of affection or pity, or of complaint, resentment, etc. Compare SPEAK.

    babble, blab, blurt, blurt out, chat, chatter, gabble, gossip, jabber, murmur, palaver, prate, prattle, tattle, twaddle

    Babies babble for the moon; the crowd babbles of a hero; the sick man babbles of home.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. cackle(v. n.)

    laugh (with a sound like the cackling of a goose), GIGGLE, TITTER, SNICKER

  2. cackle(v. n.)

    prate, prattle, babble, chatter, palaver, talk idly, talk nonsense

  3. cackle(n.)

    prattle, prate, twaddle, idle talk, small talk