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Synonyms for mischiefˈmɪs tʃɪf

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mischief, mischief-making, mischievousness, deviltry, devilry, devilment, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan(noun)

    reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others

    slipperiness, naughtiness, shiftiness, chicane, wile, devilment, rascality, mischievousness, maleficence, trickery, whimsicality, devilry, mischief-making, impishness, prankishness, balefulness, shenanigan, chicanery, mischief, trickiness, roguery, guile, deviltry, roguishness, puckishness, badness

  2. maleficence, mischief, balefulness(noun)

    the quality or nature of being harmful or evil

    maleficence, mischievousness, roguishness, roguery, shenanigan, mischief-making, deviltry, mischief, devilment, rascality, balefulness, devilry


  1. mischief(noun)

    Harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause.

    devilment, life of the party, prankster, hoodlum, weakening, demolition, bad boy, wag, evil, imp, detriment, little rascal, scamp, scathe, injury, knave, misbehavior, vandal, agitation, hood, hooligan, badness, jokester, scampishness, deviltry, impropriety, naughtiness, monkey business, disruption, annoyance, undoing, pixie, corruption, joker, practical joker, puckishness, little monkey, devil, hurt, rogue, ill, scapegrace, sabotage, bad manners, goings-on, damage, hell-raiser, little devil, elfishness, cutup, disobedience, harm, enfant terrible, hanky-panky, bugger, incapacitation, ravage, rascal, misdemeanor, disablement, mischief-maker, buffoon, devilry, mischievousness, roguery, trouble, trouble maker, rascality, minx, elf, puck, fun-maker, impishness, misconduct, vexation, wrong, rowdy, delinquincy, pranksomeness, thug, rapscallion, unmaking, nuisance, pique, ruffian, impairment, roguishness, booger, devilishness, destruction, prankishness

  2. mischief(noun)

    One who causes mischief. In a milder sense, one who causes petty annoyances. mischief-maker.

    little devil, scampishness, enfant terrible, rowdy, hoodlum, agitation, life of the party, harm, cutup, detriment, ill, unmaking, imp, disobedience, puckishness, hooligan, impairment, devil, incapacitation, hell-raiser, naughtiness, devilry, roguery, scamp, trouble maker, scapegrace, rapscallion, fun-maker, goings-on, booger, nuisance, delinquincy, rogue, elfishness, pixie, ruffian, corruption, buffoon, vandal, undoing, ravage, misbehavior, little monkey, misdemeanor, scathe, impishness, disruption, evil, thug, little rascal, misconduct, pranksomeness, devilment, prankishness, wag, prankster, monkey business, demolition, impropriety, hanky-panky, annoyance, rascality, knave, jokester, devilishness, roguishness, injury, destruction, mischievousness, hurt, vexation, wrong, disablement, bugger, elf, bad manners, hood, minx, deviltry, bad boy, damage, sabotage, trouble, pique, practical joker, badness, puck, mischief-maker, rascal, weakening, joker

  3. mischief(noun)

    Vexatious or annoying conduct.

    life of the party, imp, hurt, impairment, scapegrace, disablement, damage, puckishness, monkey business, cutup, elf, sabotage, joker, disruption, ill, rowdy, little devil, bad boy, wrong, vandal, rapscallion, little monkey, deviltry, roguishness, destruction, naughtiness, devilry, injury, little rascal, hanky-panky, fun-maker, nuisance, hood, undoing, bad manners, agitation, pique, demolition, disobedience, practical joker, prankster, puck, badness, enfant terrible, scampishness, jokester, ravage, rascality, unmaking, mischievousness, rascal, bugger, buffoon, wag, goings-on, impishness, impropriety, scathe, evil, vexation, annoyance, trouble, booger, rogue, misconduct, scamp, pixie, misbehavior, delinquincy, devil, mischief-maker, roguery, weakening, hooligan, knave, hoodlum, thug, corruption, ruffian, devilishness, devilment, minx, harm, trouble maker, prankishness, elfishness, hell-raiser, pranksomeness, incapacitation, misdemeanor, detriment

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. mischief

    Injury (Latin in, not, and jus, juris, right, law) signifies primarily something done contrary to law or right; hence, something contrary to some standard of right or good; whatever reduces the value, utility, beauty, or desirableness of anything is an injury to that thing; of persons, whatever is so done as to operate adversely to one in his person, rights, property, or reputation is an injury; the word is especially used of whatever mars the integrity of the body or causes pain; as, when rescued from the wreck his injuries were found to be very slight. Injury is the general term including all the rest. Damage (Latin damnum, loss) is that which occasions loss to the possessor; hence, any impairment of value, often with the suggestion of fault on the part of the one causing it; damage reduces value, utility, or beauty; detriment (Latin deterere, to rub or wear away) is similar in meaning, but far milder. Detriment may affect value only; damage always affects real worth or utility; as a rule, the slightest use of an article by a purchaser operates to its detriment if again offered for sale, tho the article may have received not the slightest damage. Damage is partial; loss is properly absolute as far as it is predicated at all; the loss of a ship implies that it is gone beyond recovery; the loss of the rudder is a damage to the ship; but since the loss of a part still leaves a part, we may speak of a partial or a total loss. Evil commonly suggests suffering or sin, or both; as, the evils of poverty, the social evil. Harm is closely synonymous with injury; it may apply to body, mind, or estate, but always affects real worth, while injury may concern only estimated value. A hurt is an injury that causes pain, physical or mental; a slight hurt may be no real harm. Mischief is disarrangement, trouble, or harm usually caused by some voluntary agent, with or without injurious intent; a child's thoughtless sport may do great mischief; wrong is harm done with evil intent. An outrage combines insult and injury. Compare synonyms for BLEMISH; CRIMINAL; INJUSTICE.

    blemish, damage, detriment, disadvantage, evil, harm, hurt, impairment, injury, injustice, loss, outrage, prejudice, wrong

    advantage, amelioration, benefit, blessing, boon, help, improvement, remedy, service, utility

    The injury of the cause; an injury to the structure; injury by fire; by or from collision, interference, etc.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. mischief(n.)

    evil, ill, harm, injury, damage, hurt, detriment, disadvantage, prejudice

  2. mischief(n.)

    trouble, misfortune, ill consequence

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

malice, wrongdoing

Translations for mischief

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • беляBulgarian
  • rošťárna, rošťák, darebáctví, darebák, vandal, spoušť, škodaCzech
  • drygioni, direidiWelsh
  • Unheil, Unfug, StörenfriedGerman
  • αταξία, άτακτος, διαβολιά, σκανδαλιάρηςGreek
  • revoltoso, travesura, picardía, travieso, diablura, maldad, dañoSpanish
  • kiusanteko, ilkamointi, kujeilu, ilkivalta, pahanteko, jäynäFinnish
  • espièglerie, sottise, bêtise, espiègle, polissonnerieFrench
  • trioblaidScottish Gaelic
  • शरारतHindi
  • bajkeverő, bajHungarian
  • danno, malandrino, birbone, birboneria, vessatorio, malanno, bravata, indisponente, dispettoItalian
  • 悪戯, いたずらっ子Japanese
  • niegodziwość, szkodaPolish
  • озорник, шалость, зло, вред, проказник, шалун, озорствоRussian
  • potvorstvo, darebák, potvora, zlota, nezbedníkSlovak
  • bråkstake, hyss, buse, bråkmakare, ofog, bus, odågaSwedish

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