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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tall(adj)

    a garment size for a tall person

    dumpy, squabby, stumpy, thickset, credible, believable, low-set, heavyset, short-stalked, chunky, half-length, pint-sized, little, easy, pint-size, sawed-off, runty, squab, short, squat, unrhetorical, squatty, stocky, compact, sawn-off, thick

  2. tall(adj)

    great in vertical dimension; high in stature

    "tall people"; "tall buildings"; "tall trees"; "tall ships"

    tall(a), grandiloquent, marvellous, magniloquent, improbable, marvelous

    stocky, dumpy, credible, sawn-off, stumpy, chunky, compact, half-length, pint-sized, short, low-set, squab, easy, thick, squatty, unrhetorical, thickset, heavyset, short-stalked, squat, believable, squabby, sawed-off, runty, little, pint-size

  3. grandiloquent, magniloquent, tall(adj)

    lofty in style

    "he engages in so much tall talk, one never really realizes what he is saying"

    marvelous, improbable, tall, tall(a), portentous, overblown, grandiloquent, pontifical, marvellous, pompous, magniloquent

    sawed-off, short-stalked, half-length, thick, stocky, squat, pint-size, believable, little, easy, squatty, compact, runty, dumpy, pint-sized, sawn-off, low-set, squab, short, unrhetorical, stumpy, chunky, squabby, credible, thickset, heavyset

  4. tall(a)(adj)

    impressively difficult

    "a tall order"

    pint-sized, stumpy, squab, half-length, little, sawed-off, believable, squat, heavyset, compact, low-set, unrhetorical, easy, squabby, runty, stocky, sawn-off, credible, squatty, pint-size, short-stalked, chunky, short, dumpy, thickset, thick

  5. improbable, marvelous, marvellous, tall(a)(adj)

    too improbable to admit of belief

    "a tall story"

    low-set, credible, sawn-off, pint-size, squab, squabby, pint-sized, runty, heavyset, squat, easy, stocky, little, compact, thick, thickset, short-stalked, squatty, half-length, sawed-off, believable, short, dumpy, unrhetorical, chunky, stumpy


  1. tall(adjective)

    low-rise, low, short

  2. tall(adjective)


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. tall

    Deep, while an antonym of high in usage, may apply to the very same distance simply measured in an opposite direction, high applying to vertical distance measured from below upward, and deep to vertical distance measured from above downward; as, a deep valley nestling between high mountains. High is a relative term signifying greatly raised above any object, base, or surface, in comparison with what is usual, or with some standard; a table is high if it exceeds thirty inches; a hill is not high at a hundred feet. That is tall whose height is greatly in excess of its breadth or diameter, and whose actual height is great for an object of its kind; as, a tall tree; a tall man; tall grass. That is lofty which is imposing or majestic in height; we term a spire tall with reference to its altitude, or lofty with reference to its majestic appearance. That is elevated which is raised somewhat above its surroundings; that is eminent which is far above them; as, an elevated platform; an eminent promontory. In the figurative sense, elevated is less than eminent, and this less than exalted; we speak of high, lofty, or elevated thoughts, aims, etc., in the good sense, but sometimes of high feelings, looks, words, etc., in the invidious sense of haughty or arrogant. A high ambition may be merely selfish; a lofty ambition is worthy and noble. Towering, in the literal sense compares with lofty and majestic; but in the figurative sense, its use is almost always invidious; as, a towering passion; a towering ambition disregards and crushes all opposing considerations, however rational, lovely, or holy. Compare STEEP.

    elevated, eminent, exalted, high, lofty, noble, proud, steep, towering, uplifted

    base, deep, degraded, depressed, dwarfed, inferior, low, mean, short, stunted

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. tall(a.)

    high (in stature), lofty, elevated, towering

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

high-rise, yacoub, high, grand, height, large, great, big, ya'qub, yaakob, yaqub, jacob, hautes

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