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Princeton's WordNet

  1. prone(adj)

    having a tendency (to); often used in combination

    vertical, upright, erect, disinclined


  2. prone, prostrate(adj)

    lying face downward

    disinclined, erect, upright, vertical

    flat, prone, prostrate

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. prone

    One is addicted to that which he has allowed to gain a strong, habitual, and enduring hold upon action, inclination, or involuntary tendency, as to a habit or indulgence. A man may be accustomed to labor, attached to his profession, devoted to his religion, given to study or to gluttony (in the bad sense, given over, or given up, is a stronger and more hopeless expression, as is abandoned). One inclined to luxury may become habituated to poverty. One is wedded to that which has become a second nature; as, one is wedded to science or to art. Prone is used only in a bad sense, and generally of natural tendencies; as, our hearts are prone to evil. Abandoned tells of the acquired viciousness of one who has given himself up to wickedness. Addicted may be used in a good, but more frequently a bad sense; as, addicted to study; addicted to drink. Devoted is used chiefly in the good sense; as, a mother's devoted affection.

    averse, disinclined, indisposed, unaccustomed

    abandoned, accustomed, addicted, attached, devoted, disposed, given, given over, given up, habituated, inclined, wedded

    Addicted to vice.


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