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Princeton's WordNet

  1. coil, whorl, roll, curl, curlicue, ringlet, gyre, scroll(noun)

    a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

    curl, scroll, curlicue, bankroll, pealing, cast, helix, coil, paradiddle, rolling wave, drum roll, peal, ringlet butterfly, axial rotation, roll, volute, spiral, ringlet, roster, bowl, squiggle, lock, axial motion, whorl, gyre, rolling, roller, bun

  2. Curl, Robert Curl, Robert F. Curl, Robert Floyd Curl Jr.(noun)

    American chemist who with Richard Smalley and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1933)

    roll, gyre, coil, lock, ringlet, curlicue, whorl, scroll

  3. lock, curl, ringlet, whorl(verb)

    a strand or cluster of hair

    roll, gyre, ringlet butterfly, volute, coil, lock, ignition lock, ringlet, helix, curlicue, spiral, curl, lock chamber, whorl, scroll

  4. curl, curve, kink(verb)

    form a curl, curve, or kink

    wave, arc, curl up, sheer, slew, loop, twist, slue, curl, frizz, arch, crimp, cut, swerve, wind, crape, trend, kink up, coil, curve, kink, crook, frizzle, veer, draw in

  5. curl up, curl, draw in(verb)

    shape one's body into a curl

    wave, curl up, curl, retract, loop, coil, draw, move in, pull in, suck in, pull, curve, kink, get in, attract, close in, draw in

  6. coil, loop, curl(verb)

    wind around something in coils or loops

    kink, hand-build, handbuild, coil, intertwine, loop, curl up, draw in, wave, spiral, gyrate, curl, curve

  7. curl, wave(verb)

    twist or roll into coils or ringlets

    kink, undulate, brandish, coil, curl, roll, curl up, draw in, wave, beckon, flap, loop, curve, flourish

  8. curl(verb)

    play the Scottish game of curling

    draw in, curl up, kink, wave, loop, coil, curve


  1. curl(noun)


  2. curl(noun)

    To cause to move in a curve.


  3. curl(noun)

    To make into a curl or spiral.

    flourish, loop, curve, spiral, curlicue, coil, arch, roll up

    uncoil, straighten, unroll

  4. curl(noun)

    To assume the shape of a curl or spiral.

    roll up, coil

    uncoil, unroll, straighten

  5. curl(verb)

    To move in curves.

    curve, spiral

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loop, snuggle, corel, buckle, cuddle

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