Synonyms for insipidɪnˈsɪp ɪd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bland, flat, flavorless, flavourless, insipid, savorless, savourless, vapid(adj)

    lacking taste or flavor or tang

    plane, smooth, two-dimensional, flavorless, categoric, matt, savourless, jejune, insipid, level, monotonic, compressed, unconditional, matted, suave, vapid, categorical, monotonous, prostrate, matte, monotone, savorless, flat, bland, mat, flavourless, politic

    tasty, interesting

  2. insipid, jejune(adj)

    lacking interest or significance or impact

    bland, insubstantial, savourless, insipid, flat, flavorless, savorless, juvenile, flavourless, vapid, jejune, puerile, adolescent

    interesting, tasty


  1. insipid(adjective)

    dull, boring, colourless, bland, fatuous, vapid, characterless, colorless, corny, tasteless, juvenile, vacuous

  2. insipid(adjective)

    Unappetizingly flavorless.

    colourless, colorless, vacuous, tasteless, bland, dull, juvenile, characterless, corny, vapid, boring, fatuous

  3. insipid(adjective)

    Flat; lacking character or definition.

    tasteless, boring, colorless, bland, vapid, characterless, fatuous, juvenile, corny, dull, colourless, vacuous

  4. insipid(adjective)

    Cloyingly sweet or sentimental.

    vapid, tasteless, corny, characterless, colourless, juvenile, vacuous, bland, colorless, dull, boring, fatuous

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. insipid

    cold, dull, flat, flavorless, prosy, stale, stupid, tasteless, vapid

    flavorous, forcible, lively, piquant, pungent, racy, rich, spicy, spirited

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. insipid(a.)

    tasteless, gustless, savorless, vapid, mawkish, stale, flat

  2. insipid(a.)

    spiritless, lifeless, heavy, stupid, dull, frigid, tame, prosaic, prosy, uninteresting, unentertaining

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

vapid, tasteless, watered-down, bland, innocuous

Translations for insipid

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • insípidCatalan, Valencian
  • mdlýCzech
  • stumpfsinnig, geschmacklos, charakterlos, fade, abgestanden, lasch, geistlosGerman
  • άγευστος, άνοστος, σαχλός, ανούσιοςGreek
  • cursi, insulso, soso, insípidoSpanish
  • mauton, mielenkiinnoton, valju, latteaFinnish
  • ana-blastaScottish Gaelic
  • neuvlaystalManx
  • hākore, mākihakiha, makihaMāori
  • smaakloos, flauw, karakterloos, smakeloosDutch
  • flau, smakløsNorwegian
  • insípidoPortuguese
  • anost, searbăd, fad, insipid, fără spirit, nesimțitor, fără caracter, nesensibil, nespiritual, fără gustRomanian
  • безвкусный, плоский, неинтересный, пресный, слащавый, скучныйRussian
  • 平淡Chinese

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