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Princeton's WordNet

  1. batch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite a little, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad(noun)

    (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

    "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos"; "it must have cost plenty"; "a slew of journalists"; "a wad of money"

    push-down list, flock, destiny, bulk, cud, chaw, multitude, upsurge, atomic reactor, pile, quid, deal, spile, smokestack, caboodle, crapper, commode, throne, troop, fold, bay window, stool, softwood, chew, gage, push-down store, push-down storage, weed, hand, heap, surge, kitty, jalopy, smoke, muddle, band, lot, passel, slew, vision, freshet, potbelly, mussiness, jam, muss, hole, flowerpot, mint candy, visual modality, quite a little, clutch, luck, plentifulness, toilet, masses, ken, mess hall, down, atomic pile, messiness, the great unwashed, peck, tummy, agglomerate, sight, volume, wad, plug, mount, potty, set, nap, portion, skunk, push-down stack, chain reactor, rush, mound, good deal, big money, galvanic pile, pickle, sens, bundle, fate, voltaic pile, draw, stilt, green goddess, people, visual sense, sess, batch, view, pot, stack, mess, bunch, spate, plenteousness, locoweed, piling, bus, bargain, mountain, survey, business deal, plenty, potentiometer, mint, dope, plentitude, cumulus, plenitude, raft, jackpot, mickle, can, big bucks, kettle of fish, mass, tidy sum, corporation, circumstances, hatful, potful, megabucks, circle, grass, great deal, trade, cumulation, fix, muckle, fortune, hoi polloi

  2. peck(noun)

    a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 2 gallons

    wad, pile, lot, batch, hatful, good deal, quite a little, mountain, heap, muckle, passel, great deal, slew, mess, mint, tidy sum, raft, plenty, mickle, stack, sight, pot, spate, mass, flock, deal

  3. peck(verb)

    a United States dry measure equal to 8 quarts or 537.605 cubic inches

    wad, pile, lot, batch, hatful, good deal, quite a little, mountain, heap, muckle, passel, great deal, slew, mess, mint, tidy sum, raft, plenty, mickle, stack, sight, pot, spate, mass, flock, deal

  4. peck, pick, beak(verb)

    hit lightly with a picking motion

    nag, clean, nibble, peck at, beak, pick at, plunk, pluck, smack, pick, find fault, hen-peck, foot, blame, piece, break up, pick up, peck, cull

  5. peck, pick up(verb)

    eat by pecking at, like a bird

    nag, cop, peck, call for, perk up, nail, lift up, pick, arrest, gather up, get word, nab, see, find out, collect, hen-peck, beak, pick at, learn, receive, gain vigor, collar, turn around, apprehend, smack, get a line, uplift, percolate, pick up, peck at, elate, catch, hear, get wind, perk, discover, intoxicate

  6. smack, peck(verb)

    kiss lightly

    pick, smack, beak, thwack, peck at, hen-peck, pick at, pick up, taste, nag, peck, smell, reek

  7. pick at, peck at, peck(verb)

    eat like a bird

    "The anorexic girl just picks at her food"

    disparage, belittle, pick, pluck at, smack, peck at, hen-peck, pick at, pick up, pull at, peck, beak, nag

  8. nag, peck, hen-peck(verb)

    bother persistently with trivial complaints

    "She nags her husband all day long"

    smack, peck, peck at, hen-peck, pick at, pick up, pick, beak, nag

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