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  1. quick(adj)

    any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)

    inactive, unexcitable, unhurried, slow, unintelligent, stupid

  2. quick, speedy(adj)

    accomplished rapidly and without delay

    immediate, straightaway, warm, fast, speedy, spry, ready, agile, nimble, quick, prompt, flying, rapid

    unhurried, slow, stupid, unexcitable, inactive, unintelligent

  3. flying, quick, fast(adj)

    hurried and brief

    ready, flying, profligate, straightaway, debauched, riotous, prompt, speedy, fast, dissolute, libertine, truehearted, warm, quick, immobile, loyal, degraded, agile, fast(a), fast-flying, firm, dissipated, spry, degenerate, immediate, nimble

    slow, unhurried, unintelligent, stupid, unexcitable, inactive

  4. agile, nimble, quick, spry(adj)

    moving quickly and lightly

    immediate, straightaway, warm, fast, speedy, spry, ready, agile, nimble, quick, prompt, flying

    unhurried, inactive, unintelligent, slow, unexcitable, stupid

  5. quick, ready(adj)

    apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity

    immediate, straightaway, warm, fast, speedy, spry, ready, agile, nimble, quick, prompt, flying, ready(a)

    unhurried, unintelligent, unexcitable, slow, stupid, inactive

  6. immediate, prompt, quick, straightaway(adj)

    performed with little or no delay

    immediate, straightaway, warm, fast, prompt, spry, speedy, ready, agile, nimble, quick, flying, contiguous

    unexcitable, slow, unhurried, unintelligent, stupid, inactive

  7. quick, warm(adverb)

    easily aroused or excited

    ready, tender, straightaway, fond, prompt, speedy, fast, ardent, warm, quick, lovesome, spry, agile, flying, strong, affectionate, immediate, nimble

    unhurried, unexcitable, unintelligent, slow, stupid, inactive

  8. promptly, quickly, quick(adverb)

    with little or no delay

    rapidly, pronto, chop-chop, speedily, cursorily, readily, right away, quickly, quick, apace, promptly

    stupid, slow, unhurried, unexcitable, unintelligent, inactive

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  1. quick(adjective)

    Moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or capable of doing so; rapid; fast.

    rapid, swift, speedy, fast


  2. quick(adjective)

    Occurring in a short time; happening or done rapidly.

    rapid, fast, swift, speedy

  3. quick(adjective)

    Lively, fast-thinking, witty, intelligent.

    rapid, swift, fast, speedy

  4. quick(adjective)

    Mentally agile, alert, perceptive.

    fast, rapid, speedy, swift

  5. quick(adjective)

    Of temper: easily aroused to anger; quick-tempered.

    rapid, speedy, swift, fast

  6. quick(adjective)

    Alive, living.

    fast, speedy, rapid, swift

  7. quick(adjective)

    Pregnant, especially at the stage where the foetus's movements can be felt; figuratively, alive with some emotion or feeling.

    swift, fast, rapid, speedy

  8. quick(adjective)

    Of water: flowing.

    fast, swift, rapid, speedy

  9. quick(adjective)

    Burning, flammable, fiery.

    speedy, swift, rapid, fast

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  1. quick

    Active refers to both quickness and constancy of action; in the former sense it is allied with agile, alert, brisk, etc.; in the latter, with busy, diligent, industrious. The active love employment, the busy are actually employed, the diligent and the industrious are habitually busy. The restless are active from inability to keep quiet; their activity may be without purpose, or out of all proportion to the purpose contemplated. The officious are undesirably active in the affairs of others. Compare ALERT; ALIVE; MEDDLESOME.

    active, agile, alert, brisk, bustling, busy, diligent, energetic, expeditious, industrious, lively, mobile, nimble, officious, prompt, ready, restless, sprightly, spry, supple, vigorous, wide awake

    dull, heavy, idle, inactive, indolent, inert, lazy, quiescent, quiet, slow, sluggish, stupid

    Active in work, in a cause; for an object, as for justice; with persons or instrumentalities; about something, as about other people's business.

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