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Princeton's WordNet

  1. thrash(verb)

    a swimming kick used while treading water

  2. thrash, thresh, lam, flail(verb)

    give a thrashing to; beat hard

    thresh about, slam dance, mosh, run, toss, thrash, break away, run away, bat, convulse, slam, slash, jactitate, clobber, lick, hightail it, bunk, scat, scarper, fly the coop, turn tail, drub, cream, head for the hills, take to the woods, thresh, thrash about, flail, escape, lam

  3. convulse, thresh, thresh about, thrash, thrash about, slash, toss, jactitate(verb)

    move or stir about violently

    "The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed"

    throw out, cast aside, toss out, discard, whip, convulse, welt, bat, thresh, flip, toss away, strap, slash, pitch, lam, fling, cast away, trounce, lick, jactitate, dispose, flog, chuck, drub, thresh about, slam dance, cut down, sky, cream, slam, thrash about, cast out, lather, chuck out, thrash, toss, throw away, clobber, lash, mosh, gash, flail, put away

  4. slam dance, slam, mosh, thrash(verb)

    dance the slam dance

    thresh about, jactitate, mosh, toss, thrash, bang, slam dance, convulse, slam, slash, clobber, lick, flap down, bat, drub, cream, thresh, thrash about, flail, lam

  5. thrash(verb)

    beat so fast that (the heart's) output starts dropping until (it) does not manage to pump out blood at all

    thresh about, slam dance, mosh, toss, bat, convulse, slam, slash, jactitate, clobber, lick, drub, cream, thresh, thrash about, flail, lam

  6. thrash(verb)

    move data into and out of core rather than performing useful computation

    "The system is thrashing again!"

    thresh about, slam dance, mosh, toss, bat, convulse, slam, slash, jactitate, clobber, lick, drub, cream, thresh, thrash about, flail, lam

  7. thrash, thresh(verb)

    beat the seeds out of a grain

    thresh about, slam dance, mosh, toss, thrash, bat, convulse, slam, slash, jactitate, clobber, lick, drub, cream, thresh, thrash about, flail, lam

  8. cream, bat, clobber, drub, thrash, lick(verb)

    beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

    "We licked the other team on Sunday!"

    bat, jactitate, clobber, puzzle out, toss, drub, thrash, solve, work, skim off, convulse, slam, slash, thrash about, mosh, lick, work out, flutter, slam dance, lap, baste, cream, batter, lap up, skim, thresh, cream off, figure out, thresh about, flail, lam


  1. thrash(verb)

    To defeat utterly.

    thrash metal

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. thrash

    Strike is the word for a single blow; to beat is to strike repeatedly, as a bird beats the air with its wings. Others of the above words describe the manner of beating, as bastinado, to beat on the soles of the feet; belabor, to inflict a comprehensive and exhaustive beating; cudgel, to beat with a stick; thrash, as wheat was beaten out with the old hand-flail; to pound (akin to Latin pondus, a weight) is to beat with a heavy, and pommel with a blunt, instrument. To batter and to bruise refer to the results of beating; that is battered which is broken or defaced by repeated blows on the surface (compare synonyms for SHATTER); that is bruised which has suffered even one severe contusion. The metaphorical sense of beat, however, so far preponderates that one may be very badly bruised and battered, and yet not be said to be beaten, unless he has got the worst of the beating. To beat a combatant is to disable or dishearten him for further fighting. Hence beat becomes the synonym for every word which implies getting the advantage of another. Compare CONQUER.

    Almost all antonyms in this class are passive, and can be formed indefinitely from the conquering words by the use of the auxiliary be; as, be beaten, be defeated, be conquered, etc.

    bastinado, batter, beat, belabor, bruise, castigate, chastise, conquer, cudgel, defeat, flog, overcome, pommel, pound, scourge, smite, spank, strike, surpass, switch, vanquish, whip, worst

    fail, fall, get the worst of, go down, go under, surrender

    Beat with a stick over the head; beat by a trick; out of town; beat to the ground; into submission.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. thrash(v. a.)


  2. thrash(v. a.)

    drub, maul, pommel, beat, flog, bruise, thwack, LICK, LAMM, WALLOP

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