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Princeton's WordNet

  1. privation, want, deprivation, neediness(noun)

    a state of extreme poverty

    neediness, need, deprivation, loss, wishing, wish, privation, lack, deficiency, want

  2. lack, deficiency, want(noun)

    the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable

    neediness, need, deprivation, wishing, wish, want, privation, lack, deficiency, inadequacy, insufficiency

  3. need, want(noun)

    anything that is necessary but lacking

    indigence, need, pauperism, deprivation, demand, pauperization, wish, wishing, privation, deficiency, motive, motivation, lack, neediness, want, penury

  4. wish, wishing, want(verb)

    a specific feeling of desire

    indirect request, neediness, need, wish, deprivation, wishing, want, regard, privation, lack, deficiency, compliments

  5. desire, want(verb)

    feel or have a desire for; want strongly

    want, trust, require, need, hope, desire

  6. want, need, require(verb)

    have need of

    take, need, require, expect, demand, involve, ask, desire, command, postulate, call for, necessitate, want

  7. want(verb)

    hunt or look for; want for a particular reason

    require, need, desire

  8. want(verb)

    wish or demand the presence of

    require, need, desire

  9. want(verb)

    be without, lack; be deficient in

    require, need, desire


  1. want(contraction)


  2. want(noun)

    To wish for or to desire (something).

    wasnt, would like, wish

  3. want(verb)

    To lack, not to have (something).

    be without

  4. want(verb)

    To be in need of; to require (something).

    need, in need of

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. want

    Necessity is the quality of being necessary, or the quality of that which can not but be, become, or be true, or be accepted as true. Need and want always imply a lack; necessity may be used in this sense, but in the higher philosophical sense necessity simply denotes the exclusion of any alternative either in thought or fact; righteousness is a necessity (not a need) of the divine nature. Need suggests the possibility of supplying the deficiency which want expresses; to speak of a person's want of decision merely points out a weakness in his character; to say that he has need of decision implies that he can exercise or attain it. As applied to a deficiency, necessity is more imperative than need; a weary person is in need of rest; when rest becomes a necessity he has no choice but to stop work. An essential is something, as a quality, or element, that belongs to the essence of something else so as to be inseparable from it in its normal condition, or in any complete idea or statement of it. Compare NECESSARY; PREDESTINATION.

    compulsion, destiny, emergency, essential, exigency, extremity, fatality, fate, indispensability, indispensableness, necessity, need, requirement, requisite, sine qua non, unavoidableness, urgency

    choice, contingency, doubt, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiousness, fortuity, freedom, option, possibility, uncertainty

    The necessity of surrender; a necessity for action; this is a necessity to me.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. want(n.)

    deficiency, insufficiency, inadequacy, scarcity, scarceness, scantiness, meagreness, shortness, dearth, DEFICIT, lack, absence, default, defect, defectiveness, failure

  2. want(n.)

    need, necessity, requirement, desideratum

  3. want(n.)

    desire, wish, craving, longing

  4. want(n.)

    poverty, indigence, penury, destitution, distress, straits

  5. want(v. a.)

    lack, be without, be destitute of, be in need of

  6. want(v. a.)

    require, need, have need of, have occasion for, stand in need of, cannot do without, cannot dispense with

  7. want(v. a.)

    desire, wish, crave, wish for

  8. want(v. n.)

    lack, fall, be deficient, fall short, come short

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wanna, wish, wants, wantto, desire, envy, 'm, 'il, gonna

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