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Entry: overlordshipSynonym: suzerainty
Entry: adnanSynonym: adi
Entry: conclutionSynonym: the end
Entry: anuragSynonym: priyanshi
Entry: audiophileSynonym: music lover
Entry: short and too the pointSynonym: terse
Entry: zyzomysSynonym: rat
Entry: consultorSynonym: consultant
Entry: never give upSynonym: confident
Entry: swatantraSynonym: swatatra
Entry: fruitSynonym: banana
Entry: realitySynonym: real
Entry: கோணிப்பைSynonym: கச்சந்தி; சாக்குப்பை
Entry: polycultureSynonym: multiple cropping
Entry: quilterSynonym: crafter
Entry: panophobiaSynonym: paranoia
Entry: punchlineSynonym: tag line
Entry: drankSynonym: gulped down, swallowed, sipped
Entry: uncle tomSynonym: house nigger
Entry: melonySynonym: black,dark
Entry: piece of landSynonym: culm
Entry: porscheSynonym: porsche
Entry: party foulSynonym: rowdie fol
Entry: ayanaSynonym: ayana
Entry: non-luminousSynonym: poooooooop
Entry: open landSynonym: open land
Entry: morphosisSynonym: example
Entry: waarheenSynonym: waarnatoe
Entry: vekamSynonym: vekam
Entry: air pirateSynonym: hijacker
Entry: duck dousersSynonym: duck
Entry: noxaeSynonym: toxin
Entry: unimprisonSynonym: free
Entry: stripcessfulSynonym: successful
Entry: prosperousSynonym: yubaprosperous
Entry: sadSynonym: melancholy
Entry: antiwarSynonym: grape fruit nuts
Entry: evidence-basedSynonym: evidence inspired
Entry: origamiSynonym: paper folding, folders
Entry: uranium natomnmysSynonym: 890p
Entry: umbul-umbulSynonym: umbulness for words and phrases
Entry: pommes fritesSynonym: fried potatoes or french fries
Entry: antiwhiteSynonym: racist
Entry: easyjetSynonym: shit
Entry: beguileSynonym: cheat, deceive , manipulate , mislead
Entry: requestingSynonym: asking; petitioning.
Entry: no thank youSynonym: respectfully decline
Entry: checks and balancesSynonym: control mechanisms
Entry: of little value or consequenceSynonym: little value
Entry: 4plSynonym: lead logistics
Entry: grilled cheeseSynonym: the dave biliter
Entry: to surge aheadSynonym: to surge forward
Entry: hershey squirtsSynonym: ghiradelli gushers
Entry: web designerSynonym: web designer
Entry: between scylla and charybdisSynonym: between hell of high water
Entry: issuedSynonym: handed down from one place or person to another.
Entry: uttarakhandSynonym: place of god

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