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Entry: ipswichSynonym: fart
Entry: dexterSynonym: right handed
Entry: mokshaSynonym: nirvana
Entry: simrozeSynonym: stupendous
Entry: contrappingSynonym: contrapping
Entry: trustedSynonym: admired, highly respected
Entry: kapowSynonym: bang!!!
Entry: unbanSynonym: pardon
Entry: garethSynonym: gazza
Entry: punyetaSynonym: ikaw (eeh-kaw)
Entry: providedSynonym: furnished
Entry: energy transferSynonym: kinetic energy
Entry: tight-fistedSynonym: stingy
Entry: tight-fistedSynonym: mean
Entry: jesmionSynonym: jesmion - jesmaion
Entry: jesmionSynonym: jesmaion
Entry: delinkSynonym: eat

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