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Entry: receiving endAntonym: dispensing end is antonym of receiving end in my view.
Entry: fellatorAntonym: fellator
Entry: henceforthAntonym: until
Entry: brochureAntonym: loosu
Entry: shamanAntonym: big idiot
Entry: sauceAntonym: not gravy
Entry: proclivityAntonym: proclivity
Entry: connedAntonym: street smart
Entry: chronologicalAntonym: shit
Entry: refereeAntonym: good
Entry: demonizeAntonym: lionize
Entry: squadronAntonym: happy and gay
Entry: camelAntonym: fish
Entry: prewritingAntonym: blah blah blah
Entry: flamingoAntonym: duck
Entry: settlorAntonym: settlee
Entry: patrilocalAntonym: matrilocal
Entry: hammockAntonym: dick
Entry: dictationAntonym: pussy
Entry: watch-itAntonym: watch-it
Entry: epicAntonym: mundane
Entry: kegAntonym: loose,unbound,scattered,spoiled,left over,over whelming,outpouring,
Entry: condonableAntonym: donable
Entry: tunicAntonym: badwebsite
Entry: hulloAntonym: a accual antonym
Entry: wrapperAntonym: any antonym
Entry: uncle tomAntonym: none exists
Entry: antidisestablishmentarianismAntonym: dummie
Entry: reiterateAntonym: poo
Entry: time managementAntonym: hytghu
Entry: mandateAntonym: mandate
Entry: logocentrismAntonym: omnicentrism
Entry: freedom of speechAntonym: censorship
Entry: vainAntonym: modest
Entry: lossAntonym: finding
Entry: reveilleAntonym: lights out
Entry: reveilleAntonym: taps
Entry: condemnAntonym: poop
Entry: burrowAntonym: emerge
Entry: self-examinationAntonym: hello
Entry: pathalogicalAntonym: cured

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