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Entry: cacheAntonym: fuck you
Entry: allegeAntonym: h
Entry: xenialAntonym: bad
Entry: raccoonAntonym: fish
Entry: novemberAntonym: you had none
Entry: gerundAntonym: p
Entry: alliterationAntonym: unrhymed
Entry: boss and knobAntonym: knob
Entry: projectorAntonym: meow
Entry: embankmentAntonym: but
Entry: metacognitionAntonym: slow
Entry: flounceAntonym: who cares if im a real person it makes no difference
Entry: anti-semitismAntonym: fair,unbiased
Entry: archaeologyAntonym: hhh
Entry: archaeologyAntonym: hhh
Entry: cardiogramAntonym: non cardiogram
Entry: hearseAntonym: turtle
Entry: ophidiophobiaAntonym: you suck
Entry: monogramAntonym: believe
Entry: baggageAntonym: hi
Entry: hagiographyAntonym: hamartography
Entry: cupolaAntonym: you dont have any
Entry: bombardAntonym: ddgfdgfdg
Entry: prejudgeAntonym: you have none
Entry: condescendAntonym: pizza world
Entry: problemAntonym: your face
Entry: deindividuationAntonym: individuation
Entry: carbon dioxideAntonym: solar energy
Entry: prophecyAntonym: uerurfhhfv
Entry: metacognitionAntonym: g7809gp
Entry: oldestAntonym: newest
Entry: belfryAntonym: short
Entry: natural gasAntonym: yo mama
Entry: marionetteAntonym: you guys suck
Entry: snapshotAntonym: video
Entry: millennialAntonym: decade
Entry: spindlyAntonym: chubby
Entry: debriefAntonym: f f j t
Entry: self-pityAntonym: compassion
Entry: metonymyAntonym: holonymy
Entry: dynastyAntonym: nasty
Entry: sixpenceAntonym: hi
Entry: toy boyAntonym: girlfriend!
Entry: playwriteAntonym: playwrite
Entry: zooAntonym: wild
Entry: uniformitarianismAntonym: catastrophism
Entry: octagonAntonym: stuff
Entry: bootleggerAntonym: you don't have any antonyms
Entry: tsunamiAntonym: epicenter
Entry: shoneAntonym: shone
Entry: cunctatorAntonym: dshbgd
Entry: themeAntonym: andrew grimes
Entry: ecosystemAntonym: you suk website
Entry: tidilyAntonym: messy
Entry: lagoonAntonym: dry
Entry: rhymeAntonym: believe
Entry: hypothalamusAntonym: dat boi
Entry: cavernAntonym: you have none
Entry: divaAntonym: duh
Entry: pharmacyAntonym: droogz
Entry: imageryAntonym: unimagery
Entry: preheatAntonym: you
Entry: voyageAntonym: watch t.v.
Entry: bed coverAntonym: pickle
Entry: ribosomesAntonym: wumbo
Entry: viaAntonym: not through
Entry: charismaticAntonym: unfascinating
Entry: fishhookAntonym: hook
Entry: agronomistAntonym: hate dirt
Entry: districtAntonym: district
Entry: unlashAntonym: belive
Entry: pleurisyAntonym: there is none lair
Entry: pinnipedAntonym: lol
Entry: ellieAntonym: ellie
Entry: reindeerAntonym: no reindeer
Entry: reindeerAntonym: reindeer
Entry: red guardAntonym: tfhguyr5etrsxfcghji
Entry: shiftlessAntonym: inactive
Entry: magmaAntonym: hard rock
Entry: mesoamericaAntonym: your mom
Entry: caviarAntonym: caviar
Entry: plantationsAntonym: ant
Entry: vicinityAntonym: place
Entry: notAntonym: is
Entry: pentominoAntonym: fuck-faces
Entry: butaneAntonym: liquid or solid
Entry: inquisitionAntonym: glimpse
Entry: competitive advantageAntonym: competitive disadvantage
Entry: showpieceAntonym: poop
Entry: theocracyAntonym: pristocracy, aristocracy, democracy, zoonishocracy
Entry: cliqueAntonym: loner
Entry: expresslyAntonym: believe
Entry: throbbingAntonym: still
Entry: bannedAntonym: banned
Entry: furrowAntonym: hi
Entry: expenditureAntonym: income
Entry: metaphorAntonym: lol
Entry: frogAntonym: you don’t have any!
Entry: trimesterAntonym: semester
Entry: juristAntonym: a criminal
Entry: tractorAntonym: wrecker
Entry: beadleAntonym: commoner
Entry: compelAntonym: satsuma
Entry: embitteredAntonym: lovable
Entry: pancettaAntonym: believe
Entry: croudAntonym: hest
Entry: illAntonym: see
Entry: magicalAntonym: unmagical
Entry: cultureAntonym: believe
Entry: ionizableAntonym: unionizable
Entry: talonAntonym: you dont have an antonym for talon!
Entry: xylophoneAntonym: not xylophone
Entry: helicopter parentAntonym: authoritative parenting
Entry: linenAntonym: fabric
Entry: diversifyAntonym: narrow
Entry: claimantAntonym: claimee
Entry: supermajorityAntonym: superminority
Entry: dustinAntonym: evil
Entry: ableismAntonym: what
Entry: initializeAntonym: deinitialize
Entry: ergoAntonym: there for
Entry: syllabicationAntonym: asdf
Entry: journalAntonym: hello
Entry: graciosoAntonym: the antwon,
Entry: useAntonym: use
Entry: locomotiveAntonym: g
Entry: papier-macheAntonym: flippy
Entry: copier.Antonym: printer
Entry: ventureAntonym: venture
Entry: foundationAntonym: bbsak
Entry: astrayAntonym: in the right place
Entry: reptileAntonym: mammalian
Entry: banquetAntonym: morsel
Entry: queenAntonym: fucker
Entry: shoulderedAntonym: you suck dick
Entry: thermosAntonym: glass
Entry: theocracyAntonym: really
Entry: nomineeAntonym: inferior
Entry: sepoyAntonym: no
Entry: sepoyAntonym: guy
Entry: majority ruleAntonym: minority rule
Entry: furlongAntonym: guess
Entry: gumdropAntonym: healthy food
Entry: peopledAntonym: de-peopled
Entry: reaperAntonym: you forgot everything
Entry: separateAntonym: fuse
Entry: snappedAntonym: snap
Entry: divided governmentAntonym: full authority
Entry: coalAntonym: ash
Entry: dnaAntonym: you dont have any
Entry: slatAntonym: none
Entry: eavesAntonym: it doesnt say it
Entry: cardinal directionAntonym: bye hi yeah
Entry: coniferAntonym: weed
Entry: journalistAntonym: a actual one
Entry: omnivoreAntonym: producer
Entry: quiverAntonym: bag
Entry: pro-lifeAntonym: anti-life
Entry: widerAntonym: broad, extensive, spacious, open, vast, spread out, outspread
Entry: widerAntonym: narrow
Entry: massacreAntonym: no antonym
Entry: psychologyAntonym: reverse psychology
Entry: outstretchedAntonym: you
Entry: forebondingAntonym: stress-free
Entry: adorablyAntonym: er
Entry: blood vesselAntonym: veins
Entry: outsourcingAntonym: being an american
Entry: consultAntonym: hello
Entry: moundAntonym: hole
Entry: charredAntonym: nothing
Entry: mannerismsAntonym: different
Entry: coronerAntonym: minecraft
Entry: requestAntonym: sex fucking noob
Entry: expressionAntonym: plain
Entry: banjoAntonym: fiddle?
Entry: attraktivAntonym: uattraktivt
Entry: esquireAntonym: frikinsquart
Entry: viseAntonym: vise
Entry: cuneiformAntonym: idk
Entry: monarchyAntonym: follower
Entry: equestrianAntonym: poop
Entry: civil libertiesAntonym: a person who tells another person what to do.
Entry: meritocracyAntonym: kakistocracy
Entry: bovineAntonym: go
Entry: chromatidAntonym: bitch stop saying u have antonyms when you don't
Entry: usuryAntonym: nuntonym
Entry: perchAntonym: sex
Entry: perchAntonym: sex
Entry: archetypeAntonym: pussy
Entry: glacierAntonym: summer
Entry: flue pipeAntonym: you stupid
Entry: drapetomaniaAntonym: this cite sucks
Entry: grazeAntonym: poop
Entry: logophileAntonym: logophile
Entry: doomsdayAntonym: millennium
Entry: al-qaedaAntonym: shcgsdgh
Entry: saxophoneAntonym: not-a-saxophone
Entry: syllableAntonym: sentence
Entry: bicennialAntonym: you suck
Entry: atmanAntonym: any antonym
Entry: expectorateAntonym: hold in
Entry: zoolatryAntonym: no
Entry: numeratorAntonym: butt
Entry: abolitionistAntonym: bigot
Entry: anglerAntonym: alot
Entry: explorationAntonym: believe
Entry: cytoplasmAntonym: mine diamonds
Entry: genocideAntonym: peace
Entry: databaseAntonym: ok
Entry: biosphereAntonym: idiot
Entry: cash-strappedAntonym: cash-flushed
Entry: geodeAntonym: cczcvbkzbv
Entry: fundsAntonym: un money
Entry: paternAntonym: crtrtrtvdfc
Entry: semicircleAntonym: yugioh
Entry: semicircleAntonym: yugioh
Entry: butterAntonym: spread
Entry: incestuousAntonym: divoreatious
Entry: kimonoAntonym: bobette
Entry: dribbleAntonym: there is no antonyms
Entry: interceptableAntonym: patata
Entry: frequentAntonym: occassionallly
Entry: vizierAntonym: booooo
Entry: organismAntonym: not functioning correctly
Entry: canidatesAntonym: noncompeteter
Entry: oracleAntonym: kio0o
Entry: telephoneAntonym: put a freking one
Entry: engravingAntonym: show antonyms
Entry: dazedAntonym: alert
Entry: adobeAntonym: clay
Entry: coughAntonym: sneeze
Entry: canineAntonym: noneofyourbuisnessgettingantonyms
Entry: pinaforeAntonym: pickle
Entry: bibliographyAntonym: ant
Entry: subversiveAntonym: peacemaker
Entry: deceiveAntonym: help
Entry: cemeteryAntonym: living place
Entry: pre-columbianAntonym: nah
Entry: handkerchiefAntonym: circle cloth
Entry: appendicitisAntonym: healthy
Entry: prefectAntonym: ass hole
Entry: supporterAntonym: fdef
Entry: confidenceAntonym: pride
Entry: trampledAntonym: undamaged
Entry: winterAntonym: summer
Entry: prima donnaAntonym: humble
Entry: universityAntonym: playground
Entry: universityAntonym: playground
Entry: femicideAntonym: memicide
Entry: canisterAntonym: canister
Entry: emphasisAntonym: i hate you guys are bad at making sites
Entry: rolexAntonym: folex
Entry: friarAntonym: stranger
Entry: reconcileAntonym: what are ypu
Entry: sedimentAntonym: sdefrgttfrdeswdefrtggtfrdeswawedrftgfrdesw
Entry: sedimentAntonym: sdefrgttfrdeswdefrtggtfrdeswawedrftgfrdesw
Entry: sedimentAntonym: gryedqk,eui3yergke
Entry: xenonAntonym: hi
Entry: lagoonAntonym: dylan law
Entry: draweeAntonym: red
Entry: lepidopteristAntonym: you don't have any antonyms!
Entry: scarAntonym: buttocks
Entry: sidewinderAntonym: rattlesnake
Entry: spawnAntonym: destroy
Entry: quadrennialAntonym: nonrecurring
Entry: prime meridianAntonym: equator
Entry: prime meridianAntonym: equator
Entry: stop-motionAntonym: go motion
Entry: natural resourcesAntonym: untypical
Entry: hylaAntonym: nonfrog
Entry: villainAntonym: good person
Entry: electronAntonym: tyutyyiu
Entry: sycophantAntonym: rebel
Entry: atlasAntonym: pussy
Entry: composerAntonym: no
Entry: stage directionAntonym: jirrg
Entry: hectorAntonym: peewee
Entry: keepsakeAntonym: keepsake
Entry: ceilingAntonym: deck
Entry: accordionAntonym: no idea
Entry: parkaAntonym: tank top
Entry: roundupAntonym: sh
Entry: watertightAntonym: set in stone
Entry: nationalismAntonym: niggerism
Entry: auditionAntonym: fuck me
Entry: meteorAntonym: first of all there are no antonyms!
Entry: states rightsAntonym: booglie
Entry: handheldAntonym: fuck you
Entry: cliffsAntonym: cliffs
Entry: eliminatedAntonym: hi
Entry: feudalAntonym: hi
Entry: probioticsAntonym: antibiotic
Entry: nonchalantlyAntonym: persisted
Entry: cascadeAntonym: you dont have any
Entry: voltAntonym: free of tension
Entry: number sentenceAntonym: butt
Entry: livelinessAntonym: huc---g
Entry: cast of charactersAntonym: loser
Entry: anti-federalistAntonym: federalist
Entry: swivelAntonym: go kill yourself
Entry: swivelAntonym: damn
Entry: integumentAntonym: nillo
Entry: sprylyAntonym: fuck you
Entry: aquifersAntonym: ggo
Entry: dystrophyAntonym: healthy person
Entry: asthmaAntonym: dab
Entry: pleasureAntonym: torment
Entry: dutyAntonym: optional
Entry: overseerAntonym: an actual antonym
Entry: chamberlainAntonym: wwhhhoooyyyaaa
Entry: showpieceAntonym: trash
Entry: sailorAntonym: non-sailor
Entry: brocadeAntonym: you suck
Entry: refillAntonym: extrude.
Entry: they'reAntonym: they're
Entry: cataractAntonym: perfect eye vision
Entry: gastronomyAntonym: your website sucks
Entry: complicityAntonym: partnership
Entry: geeseAntonym: no geese
Entry: prodigyAntonym: average
Entry: agoraphobiaAntonym: ochlophobia
Entry: heart attackAntonym: heart defense
Entry: voyageAntonym: short distance travel
Entry: calypsoAntonym: no
Entry: pangramAntonym: lipogram
Entry: transitAntonym: stationary
Entry: encryptAntonym: plaintext
Entry: altruismAntonym: whatever
Entry: dotardAntonym: kimjongun
Entry: phloemAntonym: xylem
Entry: barretteAntonym: hair tie
Entry: nationalismAntonym: unpatriotice
Entry: vespersAntonym: pooooop
Entry: macroAntonym: micro
Entry: aestheteAntonym: utilitarian
Entry: inflatableAntonym: deflatable
Entry: contraptionAntonym: this site is not helpful
Entry: gaucherieAntonym: urbanity, civilised
Entry: brevityAntonym: pussy
Entry: -phileAntonym: -odiomic
Entry: undergrowthAntonym: fjwqepof
Entry: compunctionAntonym: delight
Entry: amenAntonym: amen
Entry: deliveringAntonym: sexy
Entry: pronghornAntonym: pronghorns
Entry: purposeAntonym: meaningless
Entry: orbitAntonym: love
Entry: resembleAntonym: ytytytytyuhjkhkjhkhmnbvhgghd
Entry: traumatizeAntonym: all of them
Entry: speciesAntonym: memes
Entry: scientific methodAntonym: y
Entry: crankleAntonym: straight
Entry: gucciAntonym: prada
Entry: accompanyAntonym: threre are no antanyms you piece of shit
Entry: easy peasy lemon squeezyAntonym: josh smells
Entry: metacognitionAntonym: ignorance
Entry: atmosphereAntonym: pussy
Entry: amino acidAntonym: nibber
Entry: homelandAntonym: europe
Entry: metacognitionAntonym: non-knowing of thinking
Entry: numericalAntonym: ethereal
Entry: forelegAntonym: hindlimb
Entry: redoAntonym: is lessen because is the opposite
Entry: educableAntonym: ineducable
Entry: thawAntonym: none there
Entry: qwertyAntonym: dvorak
Entry: provisionedAntonym: lacked
Entry: civic responsibilityAntonym: this site sucks
Entry: huzzahAntonym: booo
Entry: referAntonym: poop
Entry: stubbleAntonym: lo0l
Entry: homogenisationAntonym: disintegration
Entry: stubbleAntonym: stupid
Entry: stubbleAntonym: stupid
Entry: wheelchairAntonym: chair
Entry: koiAntonym: shark
Entry: callipygianAntonym: cacopygian
Entry: independent variableAntonym: nothing
Entry: burglaryAntonym: justice
Entry: emporiumAntonym: your face
Entry: heat sinkAntonym: heat absorber (aka heat collector)
Entry: kakorrhaphiophobiaAntonym: frgtgthfejy bfdnneg
Entry: garrisonAntonym: nice
Entry: replenishableAntonym: irreplanishable
Entry: lairAntonym: homeless
Entry: faithAntonym: fear
Entry: heterokontAntonym: isokont
Entry: sapiensAntonym: stultis
Entry: strivingAntonym: believe
Entry: verwildertAntonym: kultiviert
Entry: whirlpoolAntonym: calm
Entry: receiving endAntonym: dispensing end is antonym of receiving end in my view.
Entry: fellatorAntonym: fellator
Entry: brochureAntonym: loosu
Entry: shamanAntonym: big idiot
Entry: sauceAntonym: not gravy
Entry: proclivityAntonym: proclivity
Entry: connedAntonym: street smart
Entry: chronologicalAntonym: shit
Entry: refereeAntonym: good
Entry: demonizeAntonym: lionize
Entry: squadronAntonym: happy and gay
Entry: camelAntonym: fish
Entry: prewritingAntonym: blah blah blah
Entry: flamingoAntonym: duck
Entry: settlorAntonym: settlee
Entry: patrilocalAntonym: matrilocal
Entry: hammockAntonym: dick
Entry: dictationAntonym: pussy
Entry: watch-itAntonym: watch-it
Entry: epicAntonym: mundane
Entry: kegAntonym: loose,unbound,scattered,spoiled,left over,over whelming,outpouring,
Entry: condonableAntonym: donable
Entry: tunicAntonym: badwebsite
Entry: hulloAntonym: a accual antonym
Entry: wrapperAntonym: any antonym
Entry: uncle tomAntonym: none exists
Entry: antidisestablishmentarianismAntonym: dummie
Entry: reiterateAntonym: poo
Entry: time managementAntonym: hytghu
Entry: mandateAntonym: mandate
Entry: logocentrismAntonym: omnicentrism
Entry: freedom of speechAntonym: censorship
Entry: vainAntonym: modest
Entry: lossAntonym: finding
Entry: reveilleAntonym: lights out
Entry: reveilleAntonym: taps
Entry: condemnAntonym: poop
Entry: burrowAntonym: emerge
Entry: self-examinationAntonym: hello
Entry: pathalogicalAntonym: cured

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