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Princeton's WordNet

  1. crowd(noun)

    a large number of things or people considered together

    gang, crew, bunch

  2. crowd, crew, gang, bunch(verb)

    an informal body of friends

    crowd, clump, mob, pack, clustering, bunch, crew, ring, gang, cluster, lot, work party, caboodle

  3. herd, crowd(verb)

    cause to herd, drive, or crowd together

    herd, push, crowd, crowd together

  4. crowd(verb)

    fill or occupy to the point of overflowing

    push, herd, crowd together

  5. crowd, crowd together(verb)

    to gather together in large numbers

    push, herd, crowd, crowd together

  6. push, crowd(verb)

    approach a certain age or speed

    fight, tug, herd, promote, force, agitate, crusade, drive, advertise, campaign, crowd together, labor, labour, crowd, press, bear on, advertize, push

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. crowd

    Company, from the Latin cum, with, and panis, bread, denotes primarily the association of those who eat at a common table, or the persons so associated, table-companions, messmates, friends, and hence is widely extended to include any association of those united permanently or temporarily, for business, pleasure, festivity, travel, etc., or by sorrow, misfortune, or wrong; company may denote an indefinite number (ordinarily more than two), but less than a multitude; in the military sense a company is a limited and definite number of men; company implies more unity of feeling and purpose than crowd, and is a less formal and more familiar word than assemblage or assembly. An assemblage may be of persons or of objects; an assembly is always of persons. An assemblage is promiscuous and unorganized; an assembly is organized and united in some common purpose. A conclave is a secret assembly. A convocation is an assembly called by authority for a special purpose; the term convention suggests less dependence upon any superior authority or summons. A group is small in number and distinct in outline, clearly marked off from all else in space or time. Collection, crowd, gathering, group, and multitude have the unorganized and promiscuous character of the assemblage; the other terms come under the general idea of assembly. Congregation is now almost exclusively religious; meeting is often so used, but is less restricted, as we may speak of a meeting of armed men. Gathering refers to a coming together, commonly of numbers, from far and near; as, the gathering of the Scottish clans.

    assemblage, assembly, collection, company, conclave, concourse, conference, congregation, convention, convocation, gathering, group, host, meeting, multitude, throng

    dispersion, loneliness, privacy, retirement, seclusion, solitude

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. crowd(n.)

    throng, multitude, concourse, host

  2. crowd(n.)

    babble, mob, populace, vulgar mass, lower classes, lower orders, common people

  3. crowd(v. a.)

    fill by compression, fill to excess

  4. crowd(v. a.)

    compress, cram, press, press together

  5. crowd(v. a.)

    urge, dun

  6. crowd(v. n.)

    swarm, flock together, be numerous, come thick

  7. crowd(v. n.)

    press forward, make one's way

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mob, crowds, multitude, myriad, variety, plethora, host, wealth, buildup, lot

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