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Princeton's WordNet

  1. affection, affectionateness, fondness, tenderness, heart, warmness, warmheartedness, philia(noun)

    a positive feeling of liking

    affection, rawness, partiality, affectionateness, substance, philia, meat, centre, lovingness, center, tenderness, core, marrow, sum, nerve, ticker, warmth, fancy, nub, kernel, nitty-gritty, spirit, softheartedness, gist, tenderheartedness, warmness, inwardness, pith, heart, bosom, pump, essence, mettle, warmheartedness, heart and soul, fondness, soreness, spunk, eye, middle


  1. affection(noun)

    Kind feeling; love; zealous or tender attachment; settled good will.

    attachment, passion, fondness, tenderness, kindness, love

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. affection

    An attachment is a feeling that binds a person by ties of heart to another person or thing; we speak of a man's adherence to his purpose, his adhesion to his party, or to anything to which he clings tenaciously, tho with no special tenderness; of his attachment to his church, to the old homestead, or to any persons or objects that he may hold dear. Affection expresses more warmth of feeling; we should not speak of a mother's attachment to her babe, but of her affection or of her devotion. Inclination expresses simply a tendency, which may be good or bad, yielded to or overcome; as, an inclination to study; an inclination to drink. Regard is more distant than affection or attachment, but closer and warmer than esteem; we speak of high esteem, kind regard. Compare ACQUAINTANCE; APPENDAGE; FRIENDSHIP; LOVE; UNION.

    adherence, adhesion, attachment, devotion, esteem, esteem, estimation, friendship, inclination, love, regard, tenderness, union

    alienation, animosity, antipathy, aversion, coolness, dislike, distance, divorce, enmity, estrangement, indifference, opposition, repugnance, separation, severance

    Attachment of a true man to his friends; attachment to a leader for his nobility of character; the attachments between two persons or things; attachment by muscular fibers, or by a rope, etc.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. affection(n.)

    feeling, passion, inclination, propensity, bent, bias, turn of mind, cast or frame of mind

  2. affection(n.)

    attribute, quality, property, accident, modification, mode

  3. affection(n.)

    love, heart, attachment, kindness, partiality, fondness, liking, tenderness, endearment, regard, good-will, tender passion

  4. affection(n.)

    (Med.) disorder, malady, disease

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

condition, ailment, sympathy, tenderness, love, disorder, warmth, disease

Translations for affection

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • عاطفةArabic
  • обич, привързаностBulgarian
  • afecte, afeccióCatalan, Valencian
  • pocit, afekt, emoceCzech
  • Rührung, ZuneigungGerman
  • τρυφερότητα, συγκίνηση, ασθένεια, πάθηση, στοργήGreek
  • cariñoSpanish
  • affektio, ominaisuus, mielenliikutus, vahingoittaminen, liikutus, tunne, tauti, vaikuttaminen, tuntemus, mieltymys, liikuttaminen, vahingoittuneisuus, kiintymys, vaivaFinnish
  • rùn, tlachdScottish Gaelic
  • חיבהHebrew
  • स्नेहHindi
  • vonzalomHungarian
  • kasih sayangIndonesian
  • affettoItalian
  • 愛情Japanese
  • ietekme, pieķeršanās, afekts, ietekmēšana, mīlestībaLatvian
  • matihereMāori
  • uczuciePolish
  • afeição, afecção, afetoPortuguese
  • эмоция, любо́вь, привя́занность, не́жностьRussian
  • అనురాగం, మమతTelugu
  • ความรักThai
  • meyil, duygulanmak, eğilim, duygusal yakınlıkTurkish

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