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Synonyms for necessaryˈnɛs əˌsɛr i

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. necessity, essential, requirement, requisite, necessary(adj)

    anything indispensable

    "food and shelter are necessities of life"; "the essentials of the good life"; "allow farmers to buy their requirements under favorable conditions"; "a place where the requisites of water fuel and fodder can be obtained"

    essential, demand, requirement, requisite, necessary, necessity, prerequisite

    supererogatory, uncalled-for, avoidable, evitable, surplus, superfluous, spare, extra, avertible, excess, unnecessary, gratuitous, avertable, inessential, unneeded, needless, supernumerary, redundant

  2. necessary(adj)

    absolutely essential

    supererogatory, extra, inessential, surplus, redundant, superfluous, excess, spare, supernumerary, avertable, evitable, avertible, uncalled-for, needless, gratuitous, unnecessary, unneeded, avoidable

  3. necessary(adj)

    unavoidably determined by prior circumstances

    "the necessary consequences of one's actions"

    spare, supererogatory, avoidable, excess, superfluous, extra, avertable, inessential, unneeded, surplus, uncalled-for, evitable, unnecessary, needless, redundant, gratuitous, supernumerary, avertible


  1. necessary(noun)


  2. necessary(adjective)

    needed, required


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. necessary

    That is necessary which must exist, occur, or be true; which in the nature of things can not be otherwise. That which is essential belongs to the essence of a thing, so that the thing can not exist in its completeness without it; that which is indispensable may be only an adjunct, but it is one that can not be spared; vigorous health is essential to an arctic explorer; warm clothing is indispensable. That which is requisite (or required) is so in the judgment of the person requiring it, but may not be so absolutely; thus, the requisite is more a matter of personal feeling than the indispensable. Inevitable (Latin in, not, and evito, shun) is primarily the exact equivalent of the Saxon unavoidable; both words are applied to things which some at least would escape or prevent, while that which is necessary may meet with no objection; food is necessary, death is inevitable; a necessary conclusion satisfies a thinker; an inevitable conclusion silences opposition. An infallible proof is one that necessarily leads the mind to a sound conclusion. Needed and needful are more concrete than necessary, and respect an end to be attained; we speak of a necessary inference; necessary food is what one can not live without, while needful food is that without which he can not enjoy comfort, health, and strength.

    essential, indispensable, inevitable, infallible, needed, needful, required, requisite, unavoidable, undeniable

    casual, contingent, needless, non-essential, optional, unnecessary, useless, worthless

    Necessary to a sequence or a total; for or to a result or a person; unity is necessary to (to constitute) completeness; decision is necessary for command, or for a commander.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. necessary(a.)

    inevitable, unavoidable, that must be, not to be avoided

  2. necessary(a.)

    requisite, essential, indispensable, needful, that cannot be spared

  3. necessary(a.)

    involuntary, not free

  4. necessary(n.)

    requisite, requirement, necessity, essential, indispensable thing, SINE QUA NON

  5. necessary(n.)

    privy, jakes, water-closet, back-house

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. necessary

    See Medically necessary, Necessary dental service or supply

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