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Princeton's WordNet

  1. adopt, follow, espouse(verb)

    choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans

    conform to, take in, embrace, play along, espouse, acquire, travel along, keep an eye on, fall out, sweep up, take, adopt, hook up with, borrow, comply, come after, assume, abide by, survey, take over, be, watch over, pursue, take after, keep up, get hitched with, get married, wed, watch, keep abreast, follow, marry, stick to, observe, surveil, conjoin, dramatise, succeed, accompany, come, postdate, take on, trace, stick with, dramatize, take up

  2. adopt, borrow, take over, take up(verb)

    take up and practice as one's own

    usurp, take in, suck up, seize on, resume, buy up, espouse, acquire, hook on, imbibe, suck in, lift out, sweep up, take, sorb, adopt, strike, borrow, assume, relieve, take over, scoop up, repeat, scoop, buy out, embrace, fasten on, arrogate, soak up, sop up, suck, follow, seize, start, dramatise, latch on, draw, accept, take on, absorb, dramatize, take up, scoop out, bear

  3. assume, adopt, take on, take over(verb)

    take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities

    usurp, take in, embrace, absorb, buy up, espouse, simulate, acquire, undertake, don, put on, sweep up, take, take for granted, adopt, strike, borrow, meet, assume, admit, relieve, take over, play, encounter, repeat, presume, arrogate, get into, sham, follow, seize, dramatise, tackle, accept, take on, feign, wear, dramatize, buy out, take up, bear

  4. assume, acquire, adopt, take on, take(verb)

    take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

    require, read, usurp, occupy, get into, rent, withdraw, lead, ingest, develop, take on, carry, deal, assume, have, subscribe to, hold, choose, learn, fill, embrace, larn, necessitate, take over, consume, espouse, adopt, demand, don, feign, consider, need, study, dramatize, win, pick out, dramatise, simulate, gain, contract, grow, film, remove, presume, lease, train, ask, meet, take up, bring, strike, use up, select, take, engage, drive, sham, sweep up, make, claim, take for granted, get, get hold of, exact, take away, pack, call for, take in, submit, convey, take aim, shoot, aim, direct, charter, put on, wear, follow, contain, seize, bear, play, subscribe, encounter, borrow, produce, involve, acquire, look at, postulate, evolve, hire, accept, guide, admit, undertake, arrogate, tackle, conduct

  5. adopt, take in(verb)

    take into one's family

    take on, earn, take in, put one over, gather in, suck up, assimilate, invite, espouse, befool, acquire, slang, imbibe, pull in, put on, view, put one across, sweep up, take, have, suck, adopt, borrow, make, assume, bring in, see, take over, gain, ingest, embrace, soak up, sop up, watch, receive, follow, clear, gull, dramatise, cod, realise, fool, draw, take up, overhear, catch, absorb, dupe, realize, dramatize, consume, collect, suck in

  6. dramatize, dramatise, adopt(verb)

    put into dramatic form

    follow, adopt, sweep up, aggrandise, dramatize, take on, acquire, aggrandize, assume, blow up, take in, embroider, embrace, take up, embellish, lard, take, take over, dramatise, borrow, pad, espouse

  7. espouse, embrace, adopt, sweep up(verb)

    take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own

    embrace, adopt, hook up with, acquire, marry, sweep, cover, get hitched with, dramatize, wed, hug, take up, comprehend, assume, get married, embroil, take in, encompass, follow, squeeze, sweep up, conjoin, bosom, take, take over, dramatise, drag in, borrow, espouse, take on, drag, tangle

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. adopt(v. a.)

    appropriate, take to one's self, take or select as one's own

  2. adopt(v. a.)

    approve, espouse, support, maintain

  3. adopt(v. a.)

    affiliate, father, treat as one's own child

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. ADOPT

    Cardiology Accupril Decision On PharmacoTherapy,, Endocrinology A Diabetes Outcome Progression Trial

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