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Princeton's WordNet

  1. incorporate, contain, comprise(verb)

    include or contain; have as a component

    constitute, hold in, be, represent, hold back, control, moderate, take, hold, make up, comprise, check, incorporate, consist, integrate, carry, stop, turn back, arrest, bear, curb, contain

  2. hold, bear, carry, contain(verb)

    contain or hold; have within

    run, hold in, incorporate, make, endure, view as, carry, book, assume, concur, have, maintain, hold, moderate, sustain, take over, retain, stop, nurse, stock, defy, support, persuade, turn out, guard, deport, prevail, have a bun in the oven, comprise, declare, pay, behave, withstand, adjudge, tolerate, deliver, channel, accommodate, abide, control, transmit, stomach, harbour, dribble, birth, stockpile, reserve, check, hold back, stick out, brook, give, take hold, go for, take, express, suffer, apply, comport, obtain, acquit, impart, pack, bind, stand, have got, extend, entertain, post, expect, curb, convey, restrain, keep, give birth, concord, keep back, oblige, transport, throw, arrest, wear, conduct, deem, contain, sway, bear, hold up, take for, turn back, harbor, defend, put up, confine, accept, admit, digest, yield, gestate, halt, obligate, agree

  3. control, hold in, hold, contain, check, curb, moderate(verb)

    lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits

    crack, ensure, mark, hold in, jibe, verify, gibe, mince, make, declare, lead, tick off, view as, carry, book, operate, concur, have, maintain, master, hold, moderate, sustain, learn, checker, check out, match, stamp down, conquer, retain, stop, nurse, defy, condition, assure, tame, cut back, guard, prevail, manipulate, comprise, break, suss out, check off, withstand, adjudge, suppress, accommodate, curb, check up on, control, look into, ascertain, harbour, insure, soften, go over, reserve, check, hold back, give, take hold, train, go for, see, conceal, take, deem, incorporate, support, find out, obtain, discipline, apply, chasten, check over, restrict, bind, tone down, have got, entertain, subdue, temper, correspond, command, restrain, keep, concord, keep back, oblige, fit, throw, keep in line, arrest, check into, tally, enclose, contain, bear, inhibit, determine, hold up, retard, take for, turn back, harbor, chequer, delay, watch, defend, see to it, confine, chair, admit, curtail, tick, halt, obligate, agree, mark off

  4. contain(verb)

    be divisible by

    curb, take, comprise, moderate, hold in, arrest, hold back, check, carry, incorporate, stop, control, hold, turn back, bear

  5. contain, take, hold(verb)

    be capable of holding or containing

    require, read, hold in, occupy, subscribe to, withdraw, declare, lead, ingest, view as, take on, carry, deal, assume, take hold, have, maintain, hold, choose, sustain, study, learn, fill, have got, necessitate, retain, consume, nurse, drive, hire, support, consider, need, rent, prevail, comprise, entertain, pick out, book, withstand, adjudge, keep back, contract, accommodate, adopt, control, remove, demand, harbour, lease, stop, take aim, check, hold back, take up, give, train, go for, strike, use up, select, take, engage, incorporate, film, make, claim, apply, get, concord, get hold of, bind, exact, take away, pack, throw, call for, take in, bring, curb, submit, convey, restrain, keep, shoot, aim, oblige, defend, direct, charter, arrest, obtain, deem, contain, bear, concur, subscribe, halt, agree, turn back, hold up, harbor, involve, acquire, look at, postulate, confine, accept, moderate, guide, admit, reserve, defy, guard, ask, take for, obligate, conduct

  6. check, turn back, arrest, stop, contain, hold back(verb)

    hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of

    ensure, hold on, hold in, bar, collar, jibe, incorporate, tick off, control, carry, fit, gibe, run off, hold, moderate, cop, learn, checker, barricade, check out, mark off, retain, stop, pick up, condition, double back, assure, finish, tally, comprise, reverse, return, suss out, kibosh, check off, check over, stop over, match, check up on, cease, look into, ascertain, mark, insure, regress, forbear, go over, check, train, arrest, hold back, lay off, retrovert, quit, chase away, hold off, take, conceal, halt, block, catch, find out, see, discipline, terminate, wait, drive off, get, give up, nail, backtrack, intercept, revert, correspond, curb, restrain, keep, drive away, keep back, check into, blockade, contain, invert, bear, determine, nab, dispel, retard, crack, turn back, watch, block off, break off, see to it, break, discontinue, end, block up, tick, chequer, drive out, apprehend, agree, delay


  1. contain(verb)

    : To hold inside.

    enclose, inhold

  2. contain(verb)

    : To include as a part.

    comprise, embody, incorporate, inhold

    exclude, omit

  3. contain(verb)

    : To limit through restraint.

    curb, stifle, restrict, restrain, control, repress

    vent, release

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. contain(v. a.)

    comprehend, comprise, embrace, include, embody

  2. contain(v. a.)

    hold, have capacity for

  3. contain(v. a.)

    restrain, keep in check

  4. contain(v. n.)

    be continent, live in continence

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include, contains, containing, curb, stem, provide, hold, containment, restrain, incorporate

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