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Princeton's WordNet

  1. respect, regard(noun)

    (usually preceded by `in') a detail or point

    paying attention, respect, esteem, respectfulness, wish, regard, deference, attentiveness, obedience, gaze, heed, compliments

    disrespect, disesteem

  2. esteem, regard, respect(noun)

    the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)

    paying attention, wish, admiration, respectfulness, esteem, respect, regard, deference, attentiveness, obedience, gaze, heed, compliments

    disrespect, disesteem

  3. respect, esteem, regard(noun)

    an attitude of admiration or esteem

    paying attention, respect, admiration, respectfulness, esteem, regard, deference, attentiveness, obedience, gaze, heed, compliments, wish

    disrespect, disesteem

  4. deference, respect(noun)

    a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard

    respect, esteem, respectfulness, deference, regard, complaisance, obedience, obligingness, compliance, compliancy

    disrespect, disesteem

  5. obedience, respect(noun)

    behavior intended to please your parents

    esteem, respect, deference, regard, obeisance, respectfulness, obedience

    disrespect, disesteem

  6. regard, respect(noun)

    a feeling of friendship and esteem

    regard, paying attention, wish, esteem, respectfulness, respect, deference, attentiveness, obedience, gaze, heed, compliments

    disrespect, disesteem

  7. deference, respect, respectfulness(verb)

    courteous regard for people's feelings

    respect, esteem, respectfulness, deference, regard, complaisance, obedience, obligingness, compliance, compliancy

    disrespect, disesteem

  8. respect, esteem, value, prize, prise(verb)

    regard highly; think much of

    value, appreciate, assess, look upon, jimmy, pry, respect, honor, esteem, observe, measure, abide by, prize, lever, treasure, rate, regard as, honour, look on, evaluate, repute, prise, think of, take to be, appraise, valuate

    disrespect, disesteem

  9. respect, honor, honour, abide by, observe(verb)

    show respect towards

    value, note, notice, watch over, comply, keep, mention, watch, detect, respect, honor, esteem, observe, abide by, prize, follow, reward, honour, maintain, discover, find, prise, celebrate, remark, take note, keep an eye on

    disrespect, disesteem


  1. respect(verb)

    disrespect, irreverence, disdain, contempt, contumely, scorn, disparagement, dis

  2. respect(noun)

    an attitude of consideration or high regard

    fealty, deference, regard, consideration

    dis, disrespect, contempt, contumely, irreverence, scorn, disparagement, disdain

  3. respect(noun)

    good opinion, honor, or admiration

    regard, reverence, honor, esteem, recognition, veneration, admiration

    disrespect, dis, contumely, scorn, contempt, irreverence, disdain, disparagement

  4. respect(noun)

    to abide by an agreement.

    disrespect, disparagement, contempt, scorn, disdain, contumely, irreverence, dis

  5. respect(verb)

    To relate to; to be concerned with.

    side, facet, aspect, face, dimension

    scorn, disrespect, contumely, contempt, irreverence, disparagement, disdain, dis

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. respect

    In the old sense of wonder, admire is practically obsolete; the word now expresses a delight and approval, in which the element of wonder unconsciously mingles. We admire beauty in nature and art, delight in the innocent happiness of children, enjoy books or society, a walk or a dinner. We approve what is excellent, applaud heroic deeds, esteem the good, love our friends. We honor and respect noble character wherever found; we revere and venerate it in the aged. We extol the goodness and adore the majesty and power of God.

    admire, adore, applaud, approve, delight in, enjoy, esteem, esteem, extol, honor, love, revere, venerate, wonder

    abhor, abominate, contemn, despise, detest, dislike, execrate, hate, ridicule, scorn

    Admire at may still very rarely be found in the old sense of wonder at.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. respect(v. a.)

    esteem, reverence, honor, venerate, value, prize, think highly of, have a high opinion of, look up to, defer to

  2. respect(v. a.)

    regard, relate to, refer to

  3. respect(n.)

    esteem, reverence, veneration, homage, estimation, regard, honor, deference, attention

  4. respect(n.)

    favor, good will, kind consideration

  5. respect(n.)

    relation, reference, regard

Translations for respect

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • احترم, احترامArabic
  • doujañs, doujañBreton
  • vyjádření úcty, mít úctu, respektovat, úcta, respekt, ohled, brát ohled, uznávatCzech
  • parchWelsh
  • respektieren, Respekt, AchtungGerman
  • σέβομαι, σέβη, σεβασμόςGreek
  • respekti, respektoEsperanto
  • respetar, respetoSpanish
  • احترام, احترام گذاشتن, ادبPersian
  • kunnioitus, kunnioittaa, suhdeFinnish
  • respecter, respectFrench
  • urraim, measIrish
  • suim, onair, urramScottish Gaelic
  • כיבדHebrew
  • आदर, सम्मानHindi
  • betart, elismer, szempont, tisztelet, vonatkozás, tisztelHungarian
  • հարգանք, հարգելArmenian
  • virðing, virða, leyti, bera virðingu fyrirIcelandic
  • rispettoItalian
  • 尊敬, 尊重Japanese
  • 존중, 경의, 尊重Korean
  • ڕێزوسڵاو, ڕێز, ڕێز گرتنKurdish
  • pagarbaLithuanian
  • kauanuanu, whakamihaMāori
  • respect, eerbied, respecteren, achtingDutch
  • respektNorwegian
  • respekt, szacunekPolish
  • respeito, reverência, respeitarPortuguese
  • respect, respectaRomanian
  • почитать, уважать, почтение, уважение, соблюдатьRussian
  • respektera, avseende, aktning, respekt, hänseendeSwedish
  • adabu, tii, taadhima, heshimuSwahili
  • గౌరవంTelugu
  • เคารพThai
  • yön, husus, hürmet, bakım, saygınlık, saygı, itibar, açıTurkish
  • آدر, احترامUrdu
  • kính trọngVietnamese

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